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DEEP/DEC Workshop Series on Race, Power, & Partnership: Applications Open!

The DEC/DEEP Fall workshop series application is now live! The workshops are focused on race, power, and partnership. See below to find out more about each of the 3 sessions.

Please complete this application by 5:00pm on Friday, July 15th. We aim to make and communicate acceptance decisions by August 1, 2022 so that organizations can plan accordingly. Before applying, please make sure that your three reps can make all three dates listed below.  We anticipate accepting 10 organizations, with three representatives per organization.

Workshops are currently scheduled to be in person* at the Forest History Society (2925 Academy Rd, Durham, NC 27705) on:

  • Tuesday, September 20th (10am – 12pm)
  • Tuesday, October 18th (10am – 12pm)
  • Tuesday, November 15th (10am – 12pm)

*The DEEP/DEC organizing committee will assess COVID risk in the weeks leading up to the workshops and transition to virtual as appropriate. If you have any general questions, please reach out to Marcia Mandel ( or Sarah Guidi (

If you have any questions about the application, you can reach out to Princess Mutasa (

THE DEEP/DEC workshop series on Race, Power, and Partnership aims to provide a structure for environmental organizations that identify as white-led or white-dominated to learn how to:

  1. Build trust with Black and Brown community members and organizations &
  2. Create inclusive organizations that attract Black and Brown leaders and members, and to do both in a way that adds value for Black and Brown community members and organizations.

This workshop series is open to all, but is primarily focused on the work that white and white- passing people committed to dismantling systems of oppression in our organizations can do to ensure that they are carrying much of the burden of this work rather than Black and Brown partners and colleagues. In this, we invite Black and Brown organization leaders and presenters to participate in the process in a way that is intended to reduce the chance of further racialized harm and increase trust and collaboration.


A moderated listening session with Black and Brown led local environmental organizations to delve into their needs, barriers, and opportunities for partnership and deconstructing power, and recognizing privilege. Homework 1 will involve completing an equity audit and getting feedback from existing partners about the audit.


A deep dive into building trust and adding value to Black and Brown organizations in our work as environmental organizations. Homework 2 will involve arranging and meeting with potential community partners at least twice to engage in activities that build trust and add value to the community partner’s work, developing a plan for continuing to build trust and add value for your community partner, and inviting a leader from your community partner to attend the next session so they can give you feedback on your plans (these leaders will receive a stipend for attending).


Organizations volunteer to present their ideas for building trust and adding value to participants and Black & Brown presenters from session one to get feedback.

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