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DEEP/DEC EJ Workshop 1

On Tuesday, September 15,  the DEEP Collaborative and DEC hosted the first follow-up Environmental Justice (EJ) workshop, led by Dr. Nicki Cagle. In this workshop, we reviewed two methods for considering difficult topics: visual thinking strategies to analyze images of the cemetery and the Pauli Murray Hoomesite and the Wise Ones dialogic approach developed by Tema Okun and Krista Robinson. We applied these methods to an EJ Case Study on Maplewood Cemetery that incorporated multiple historic and community-member perspectives, including Aseelah Ameen, a descendent of the Henderson family.

We were also fortunate to hear from special guest speakers, including Carlos Gonzalez, Heidi Hannapel, Aseelah Ameen, and Jackie MacLeod. The shared important perspectives and experiences on the topics of green burials and Maplewood Cemetery. Moving forward, we will be updating the case study to reflect Jackie and Aseelah’s work. Check out Heidi’s work on the Bluestem Conservation Cemetery here and Jackie’s other work here.

Finally, DEEP Community members have also provided some resources to share with the group:

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