I very much enjoy working with students, and have had the
privilege of working with many excellent ones. Here I provide a list of current and past students I have advised or on whose dissertation committees I have served. If you are interested in working with me, I strongly recommend you: 1) check out the work on my Research page to assess fit and 2) contact me via e-mail.

Current Ph.D. Students with Summary of Interests
  • So Jin Lee (so.jin.lee ‘at’[Co-advised with Peter Feaver]: Interested in sanctions and positive inducements in international relations, behavioral models, survey and lab experiments. On the Market!
  • Marco Morucci (marco.morucci ‘at’[Co-advised with Cynthia Rudin]: Interested in methods for causal inference and computational social science, aid and conflict. On the Market!
  • Gloria Cheung (gloria.cheung ‘at’[Co-advised with Eddy Malesky]: Interested in authoritarian regimes and control, elite defection, social networks.
  • Pei-Yu Wei (pei.yu.wei ‘at’ Interested in sanctions, international political economy, formal theory.
Former Ph.D. Students
Current Ph.D. Committees
Former Ph.D. Committees
  • Gabriel Madson (Duke, 2021)
  • Tusi (Ündes) Wen (Duke, 2020)
  • Frances Duffy (UNC, 2020)
  • Daniel Gustafson (UNC, 2020)
  • Chong Chen (Duke, 2019)
  • Noa Cnaan-On (Duke, 2019)
  • Howard Liu (Duke, 2019)
  • Chelsea Estancona (UNC, 2018)
  • Xiaoli Guo (FSU, 2018)
  • Asli Cansunar (Duke, 2018)
  • Sophie Lee (Duke, 2017)
  • Max Gallop (Duke, 2015)
  • Ammar Shamaileh (FSU, 2015)
  • Marius Radean (FSU, 2013)
  • Daniel Hill (FSU, 2012)
  • Nate Lee (FSU, 2012)
  • Daniel Milton (FSU 2012)
  • Sunhee Park (FSU, 2012)
  • Justin Conrad (FSU, 2011)
  • Robert Parillo (FSU, 2009)
Undergraduate Honors Advisees
  • Danielle French (Duke, 2018)
  • Nick Johnston (Duke, 2017)
  • Julia Janco (Duke, 2015)
  • Michael Brandow (FSU, 2008)
  • Wesley Yeary (FSU, 2007)