This Semester’s Courses (Fall 2023)

Introduction to Terrorism (syllabus)

World In Your Hand (syllabus)

Workshops and Online Courses

Video Course for A Mathematics Course for Political & Social Research

An Introduction to Empirical Methods from the Ralph Bunche Summer Institute

Political Networks 2011 (slidesexample code)

Courses Taught Regularly at Duke


Introduction to Terrorism (syllabus)

World In Your Hand (syllabus)

Experimental Political Science (syllabus)

Ralph Bunche Summer Institute: Introduction to Empirical Methods (syllabus)

Mixed Grad/Undergrad

Political Economy of Terrorism (syllabus)

Social Networks and Political Interdependence (syllabus)

Introduction to Deductive and Analytic Approaches (syllabus)


Advanced Game Theory (syllabus)

Courses Taught at FSU


Game Theory II: Advanced Formal Modeling (syllabus)

Political Institutions (Comparative/American) (syllabus)

Politics of Terror (syllabus)

Fundamentals of Political Research–Mathematics (syllabus)


Political Economy of Terrorism (syllabus)


Terror and Politics (syllabus)

Political Research Methods (syllabus)

Politics and Game Theory (syllabus)