Edmund Malesky

Eddy Malesky is a Professor of Political Economy in the Political Science Department at Duke University and is a noted specialist in economic development, authoritarian institutions, and comparative political economy in Vietnam.

Since 2014, I have been a member of the board of the International Political Economy Society (IPES). I also serve on the editorial boards of several publications, including the Journal of Politics, Comparative Political Studies, and the Journal of East Asian Studies.

In 2012, I received a state medal from the Government of Vietnam for my role in promoting economic development for USAID’s Vietnam Provincial Competitiveness Index. In 2013, I was appointed by President Obama to serve on the board of the Vietnam Education Foundation.

I have published extensively in leading political science and economic journals and have received several academic awards including the Harvard Academy Fellowship (2004-2005; 2007-2008) and the Rockefeller Bellagio Residency Fellowship (2014).