APT Submission Steps:

For each APT problem, follow these steps:

  1. Submit your code for grading using the ‘Submit’ link. You can submit multiple times; your highest submission is considered for grading.
  2. Verify your grade by clicking ‘Check Submissions’ on the grade code page. The webpage will show your last submission, not your highest submission.

In solving APTs, your program should work for all cases, not just the test cases we provide. We may test your program on additional data.

APTRelease DateDue DateGrace Period
APT 11/182/082/09
APT 22/062/222/23
APT 32/203/073/08
APT 42/293/213/22
APT 53/214/044/05
APT 64/44/184/19
APT 7 (Extra Credit)4/44/234/24

Regrade Requests

If you believe there’s an error in grading (be it a lab, apt, or assignment), submit the regrade request form within one week of the grade being posted.

Late Submissions:

  • APTs should be submitted by 11:59 pm ET on the due date. A 24-hour grace period allows you to turn in APTs the next day. No submissions are accepted after that.
  • If unforeseen circumstances hinder your course progress, please fill out the extension request form.

Troubleshooting APT Issues:

  1. File Naming: Ensure the file name is correct. It’s case-sensitive and should end in “.py”.
  2. Function Naming: The function should start with def, ensuring it’s named correctly.
  3. Initial Test: Start with a basic return (like return 0, return "", or return []) to verify that the function and file naming. You won’t have the correct answer, but you should see grey and green boxes.
  4. Return Type: Check if you’re returning the correct data type (e.g., integer, string, list).
  5. Time Limit Exceeded: If facing this error, add a print statement, like print("Starting function"), at your function’s beginning. Run it to see if it displays.
  6. Unusual Imports: The autograder can only use the libraries we have covered in this class. If you have unusual import statements (e.g., from StdSuites.Text_Suite import word), remove them.
  7. Debugging with Python Tutor: If your code isn’t working as expected, copy it into Python Tutor for an in-depth analysis. If you have complex one-liners, break them down to understand intermediate results. For instance, change x = stuff.lower().find('x') to:
    temp = stuff.lower()
    x = temp.find('x')