REFLECT Forms: For each assignment, please fill out the associated REFLECT form linked below.

Notice On Blockly: Due to the drop/add period, Assignment 1’s deadline has been pushed back to Thursday 2/1 at 11:59 pm.

AssignmentREFLECT Assignment QuizRelease DateDue DateGrace Period10% Penalty Period30% Penalty PeriodAssignment Quiz Due
Assignment 1: BlocklyInside AssignmentNo Reading Quiz1/112/012/022/03-2/042/05-2/08None
Assignment 2: FacesReflect FormReading Quiz: Faces1/252/152/162/17-2/182/19-2/222/13
Assignment 3: TurtlesReflect FormReading Quiz: Turtles2/152/293/013/2-3/33/4-3/72/27
Assignment 4: TransformReflect FormReading Quiz: Transform2/273/213/223/23-3/243/25-3/283/19
Assignment 5: GuessWord Reflect FormReading Quiz: GuessWord3/063/283/293/30-3/314/01-4/043/26
Assignment 6: Clever GuessWordReflect FormReading Quiz: Clever GuessWord3/284/114/124/13-4/144/15-4/184/09
Assignment 7: RecommenderReflect FormReading Quiz: Recommender4/094/234/24N/AN/A4/21
Assignment 8: CreateReflect FormNo Reading Quiz4/094/234/24N/AN/ANone

Assignment Submission:

  • All assignments are due by 11:59 pm ET on the specified due date.
  • Submission instructions will be provided with each assignment.

Late Submissions:

  • Submissions after the due date are subject to penalties, as outlined in the course syllabus.
  • If unforeseen circumstances hinder your course progress, please fill out the extension request form.


  • If you believe there’s an error in grading (be it a lab, apt, or assignment), submit the regrade request form within one week of the grade being posted.

Starter Code:

  • Some assignments come with initial code. This could be:
    • Pre-completed files you’ll use without altering.
    • Files with functions done or partially done for you to complete.
  • Comments will guide you on which code sections to adjust and which to retain as-is.

Code Style:

  • A portion of your grade depends on your program’s readability, including style, comments, and variable names.
  • Each modified Python file should have a comment at the top, detailing your name and netID.
  • Additionally, provide comments for each function and significant code segment.
  • Use descriptive variable names: for example, “totalCost” over “x”.