Lab Activities

Labs are designed to deepen understanding of current assignments and APT topics and provide additional insights when needed. Although you’ll collaborate in pairs or small groups during labs, every student is required to submit an individual lab form. Be sure to bring a computer to lab each week.

Special deadlines due to Add/Drop:

  • Lab 1-3: extended to 2/1 at 11:59 pm.

Subsequent labs should be submitted on time.


NoneLab 01• Introductions
• Winning Strategies
Lab 01 Solutions
NoneLab 02• Modifying Nim Program
• Gravity APT
Lab 02 Solutions
Warm-upLab 03• Conditionals (if, elif, else)
• String slicing and manipulation
• Getting started with the Faces assignment
Lab 03 Solutions
NoneLab 04• String and List methods
• Accumulator Pattern
• Pointers and Mutation
Lab 04 Solutions
NoneLab 05• Exam 1 Review Lab 05 Solutions
NoneLab 06• Counting Stars
• Files
Lab 06 Solutions
NoneLab 07• While Loops
• List Comprehensions
• Nested Loops
Lab 07 Solutions
NoneLab 08• Basic Sets
• A Different Game
• Poker Odds
Lab 08 Solutions
NoneLab 09• Exam 2 ReviewLab 09 Solutions
None Lab 10• BordaCount
• Dictionary to Dictionary
• Lambda Expressions
• Sorting in the MedalTable APT
Lab 10 Solutions
NoneLab 11• Rock and Roll Songs
• Analyzing the Python Modules
• (Optional) Part 3: Be Creative
Lab 11 Solutions
NoneLab 12• Reflection
• A Little on Debugging
• Debugging Exercises
Lab 12 Solutions
NoneLab 13 (Optional to attend)• Office HoursN/A

Lab Sections

You should be enrolled in one of the following lab sections, which are held on Fridays.

SectionTimeLocationUTA 1UTA 2
110:05 - 11:20BioSci 155Rachel CollinsBela Aguilar
2 and 410:05 - 11:20BioSci 113Megan FongCayla Park
310:05 - 11:20Old Chem 003Kate NewboldAshley Cho
511:45 - 1:00LSRC A247Michael WangYulia Savine
611:45 - 1:00BioSci 154Nolan ZhongArdil Turhan
711:45 - 1:00Old Chem 003Aloye OshotseKevin Alvarenga
811:45 - 1:00LSRC A155Nolan PotterCarly Khazzam
9, 10, and 111:25 - 2:40BioSci 154Brandon LopezRadhika Subramani
133:05 - 4:20BioSci 155Sahill SiddiqiAthena Wells

Lab Submission Details

Warm-up activities are due before your Friday lab section of the week they are released. All labs are due by 11:59 pm ET on the Sunday following the lab session. If you can’t attend a lab, you can still complete the lab and answer the associated questions for partial credit. Submit your answers via the provided Google form by the Sunday deadline.

Regrade Requests

If you believe there’s an error in grading (be it a lab, apt, or assignment), submit the regrade request form within one week of the grade being posted.