Outreach and Education

At a Glance

We will work with policymakers, public health officials, physicians, and other stakeholders to strengthen a public health framework that promotes informed decision making surrounding marijuana use, male reproductive health, and family planning.

The Project

  • We will develop resources that synthesize CIPHERS project research. These resources will include FAQs, fact sheets, policy briefs, presentation materials, as well as social media content, as well as the project website.
  • We seek to develop relationships with public health officials, medical societies, and legislators in states that have legalized recreational marijuana and states considering marijuana legalization in order to promote informed decision making and public health guidance.
  • We will conduct continuous outreach with the general public using social media (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) and the project website.

Our Hypotheses

  • Policymakers and health professionals are interested in forming science-driven policies to protect the health of citizens. They will therefore incorporate key findings from the CIPHERS project into the decision-making process for regulation and public health messaging of recreational marijuana.
  • Targeted engagement with policymakers and health professionals will result in greater public understanding of long-term health effects of marijuana use.