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Funding and Payroll

Graduate students in the Chemistry program receive 12 months of financial support to cover living expenses provided good academic standing and progress towards the degree is made consistently.

Important terminology:

  • Stipend – your monthly form of compensation which can be paid from the compensatory, non-compensatory payroll systems – or both.
  • Compensatory payroll (comp) – payroll system used to establish and disburse payments associated with work (i.e. TAships, RAships)
  • Non-compensatory payroll (non-comp) – payroll system used to establish and disburse payments which are typically not associated with work such as fellowships, or financial awards

In order for you to begin receiving your monthly stipend, we have to create your records in the compensatory and non-compensatory payroll systems at Duke.

Stipend Frequency

As a graduate student, the compensatory portion of your monthly stipend will be paid on the 25th of each month.  The non-compensatory portion will be paid the last day of month.

Your first payment 

You can expect to receive a paper check on your first payment at the end of August.  Your direct deposit will not be effective until you have completed the direct deposit form in Duke Hub, as well as the I-9 form, and foreign national form for international students.  These documents will be made available to you as you complete and submit your onboarding paperwork.  The direct deposit must be submitted no later than August 07, 2023.

NOTE: Direct deposit for international students will not start until after you have received your social security number.  Please provide this information to the DGSA as soon as you receive it.

To set up you direct deposit in Duke Hub, please follow the instructions provided here –  ‘Financial Aid & Bursar‘  under ‘how to sign up for Direct Deposit.


Important-sign-picIn order to insure your first paycheck, or any future pays or tax documents always go to the correct address, please inform the DGSA of any changes in your mailing address as soon as possible.