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International Students


Prior to the beginning of the semester, and as part of your onboarding process, you will have to:

  1. Complete the Foreign National form via the link you will receive – this is a very important step!
  2. Complete Section I of the I-9 form
  3.  Register your arrival with Duke Visa Services as soon as possible

1. Foreign National Form – VERY IMPORTANT!

It is very important for you to complete the Foreign National form as soon as you receive the link via email, even if you do not yet have a social security.  Completing this form is key to creating your record in the non-compensatory payroll.



If you do not complete this form in a timely manner, you are risking not receiving your stipend processed through non-comp payroll.


Any questions regarding tax treaties or the Foreign National form should be directed to the Corporate Payroll office.  However, you can read more about them here.

2. Completing the I-9 form

After your visa documents (I-20 form, I-94 Admissions record, copy of biographical page of your passport, and copy of your F-1 visa stamp) are presented to the DGSA, you will receive a link from the Success Factors system.  You will be able to complete a series of documents needed for your onboarding.  The I-9 form will be one of those documents.

Please be sure to read this information before you complete Section I of the I-9 form in Success Factors.

3. Register your arrival with Duke Visa Services

Registration with Visa Services is very important.  It not only activates your F-1 status, but it will also guarantee completion of your I-9 form.  Section II of the I-9 form will be completed by your visa services advisor when you register your arrival with Visa Services.  However, you must complete Section I first.

4. Social Security Card

After completing the registration with the Visa Services office, you will be given paperwork to process a Social Security card/number (SSN) if you do not have one already.  One of the forms will have to be completed by the DGSA before you apply for the SSN card.  Please follow the instructions given to your by Visa Services for the application process.  However, it is very important for you to process this document as soon as possible.

NOTE: The SSN is a unique number assigned to you for tax purposes.  The card will never expired and is considered one of the most important personal documents in the U.S.  Please be sure to store it in a safe place always.  Also, be careful where and to whom you give the number.  However, you must upload a copy of the card in your Box folder when you receive it.  The payroll office at Duke will need your number in order to report any taxes over the income you earned during your studies/career in the U.S. and at Duke.