Mental Health Resources Recommended by Duke Biology Grad Students

Month: May 2020

COVID-19 special statement

There has been lots of talk about how this should be the ‘perfect time’ for us to pump out all of those old papers, finish data analyses, start a literature review, and plan your next field season, all while learning how to make the perfect sourdough loaf and teaching your kids how to be the leaders of tomorrow. Even without all of that pressure, this is a difficult time, especially for those of us struggling with mental health issues. Remember: we are in the midst of a worldwide crisis, this is not business as usual! Be kind with yourself and remember that your safety and wellbeing are the most important things right now. See below for some thoughts on how to deal with this crisis in particular in ways that can be simultaneously productive and kind to yourself. You can find remote mental health resources during COVID-19 for Duke students, staff, and faculty by clicking here.

Mental Health Updates

Check these posts for any updates on what the committee has been doing for mental health, as well as thoughts on mental health written to us.

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