Here we’ve compiled an list of online resources focused on mental health in grad school and academia. Have some you’d like to share? Let us know!

Online Groups

  • PhD Balance: An online community empowering graduate students. Contains a blog with posts by and for grad students throughout the country.


If you are struggling with your mental health, know you are not alone. Mental health struggles are pervasive in academia, and are by no means a sign that you don’t belong. Reading about other people’s struggles (and successes!) can help you feel less alone.

  • Meghan Duffy, a professor at the University of Michigan and vocal advocate for graduate student mental health, has written openly about her struggles with anxiety in academia in the blog Dynamic Ecology. Here are a few of her posts (definitely click on the links included in each post as well, they are all worth it): Life as an anxious scientist
  • Drew Tyre, a professor at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, shared his struggles with being a clinically depressed faculty. TW: suicide ideation. Mental health — it is important
  • Catherine Scott, a postdoc at Acadia University, on seeking help as a depressed graduate student: Let’s talk about mental health in academia
  • Anonymous guest blog post on Dynamic Ecology: Life as an anxious grad student

Twitter accounts

Twitter has become a haven for struggling PhD students. There are too many good accounts for us to list them all, but here are some good ones to follow:

  • @PHD_balance
  • @SusannaLHarris – Recent graduate from UNC, talks openly about her depression through graduate school
  • @xiaofei_lin – PhD candidate in Biochemistry at UCLA, mental health advocate for graduate students
  • @jenheemstra – Associate professor of Chemistry at Emory, posts about work-life balance and kind leadership
  • @AcademicChatter – Online community including academics of all levels, often discussing mental health related topics
  • @MindfulAcademix Daily mindfulness reminders pertinent to academia