RR and RRlib

R is special case, as we need to manage R libraries.

Package RR contains all R stuff compiled in the installation environment. Package RRlibUtils contains scripts used to install and upgrade R libraries.

Package RR provides executables RR and RRscript — the only difference between these executables and standard R and Rscript is that execution is performed in environment with special directories containing available libraries.

Packages RR and RRlibUtils may be installed in any order, but both packages must be installed in order to make RR usable.

Required system packages

The following system packages must be installed (using yum):


R library versions

For R version M.N.x, libraries are installed in directories $SOFTWARE_DIR/RRlib/M.N/YYY-MM-DD, where YYYY-MM-DD is the date when libraries were installed/updated.