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What did I learn?

The following questions will help you review concepts presented in this module.

  1. Alcohol exposure to the developing fetus is harmful during this stage of pregnancy:
    1. The first trimester
    2. The second trimester
    3. The third trimester
    4. All of the above
  2. The hippocampus is a region of the brain that is responsible for which functions:
    1. Motor skills
    2. Attention
    3. Learning and memory
    4. Executive functioning
  3. Alcohol can easily pass from the mother’s blood to the fetus because of which property:
    1. Polarity
    2. Boiling point
    3. Small molecular size
    4. Viscosity
  4. Reactive oxygen species are formed when:
    1. Oxygen combines with hydrogen
    2. Oxygen “steals” an electron from another molecule
    3. Oxygen donates a proton to another molecule
    4. Oxygen reacts with another oxygen

Now, check your answers here.