Welcome to my GCS ePortfolio!

Alex Choi

Class of 2021

Oak Brook, IL

GCS Focus: Engineer better medicines

GCS Advisor: Dr. Charles A. Gersbach

Hi! My name is Alex Choi and I am a biomedical engineering major at Duke University interested in pursuing a pre-medical career as well. I am drawn to the Grand Challenge Scholars program because I believe that it will allow me to have a truly multifaceted educational experience. Through aspects such as research, service learning, and global outreach, I wish to utilize the Grand Challenge Scholar program to deepen my learning, not only as a student, but as a person. As a current biomedical engineer interested in working in the medical field, I am naturally drawn to the “engineering better medicines” challenge. I believe that having this goal in mind throughout my collegiate career will allow me to integrate my passions for both engineering and medicine.