Join us on Friday, September 16 for an in-depth exploration of narrative medicine and its relevance to caring for our patients and ourselves. What is it?  Why is it essential to good clinical practice, and how can we use it to reduce moral injury and address critical issues raised during the past two years?  We all have stories that we carry with us, as patients and clinicians—as humans.  The practice of narrative medicine has been shown to improve not only patient and clinician satisfaction, but patient outcomes as well by building community across disciplines.  Come and learn more.

Keynote speaker, Rita Charon, is Professor of Medicine and Founding Chair of the Department of Medical Humanities and Ethics at Columbia University. She is an inspiring leader in the field of narrative medicine and will share her insight and expertise.  Participants will engage in experiential workshop sessions.  We will discuss current programs and initiatives, and future collaborative opportunities.

Generous support for this workshop was provided by the Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation.