Pre-Workshop Summer Series

The practice of Narrative Medicine contributes to healing in many, sometimes nuanced, ways. We all have stories that we carry with us, as patients and clinicians; stories connect us. Attending to story and developing our narrative skills help us to heal our patients. In addition, the practice of Narrative Medicine in its various forms has been shown to improve not only patient and clinician satisfaction, but patient outcomes as well.

We invite you to join us for a summer series on the practice of Narrative Medicine.  In each session we will closely examine and discuss a work of literary or visual art, such as prose, poetry, graphic novel, painting, or photography, and spend time on reflective writing. By listening, seeing through the lens of another, and engaging with challenging topics, we learn with each other.

Sessions are designed for clinicians at Duke. They will take place on Zoom from 12:15 to 1:00 PM. Please register below.

Wed, June 22
Visual Thinking Strategies
John David Ike, MD, MSc

Wed, July 20
A Literary Lens

Brian Quaranta, MD, MA

Wed, August 17
Graphic Medicine

Yekki Song, MD, PhD