Zach and Brennan graduate with Distinction and Awards

Undergraduate researchers Zach Pracher and Brennan McDonald are graduating this spring with distinction in biology. They presented their work at the recent Duke Biology Poster Symposium.

Brennan was awarded The James B. Rast Memorial Award in Comparative Organismal Biology. The award is given annually to the student who demonstrates the greatest achievement in the study of comparative organismal biology. He is starting a PhD in the fall in Biology at Stanford University.

Brennan presents his poster “Single-cell transcriptomics reveals the biphasic regulation of development in sea urchin with non-feeding larvae”


Zach was awarded The Edward C. Horn Memorial Prize for Excellence in Biology. It is given each year to a graduating Biology major who has shown, in the opinion of the Biology faculty, the highest level of academic achievement and promise. He will be starting his PhD in Biology at MIT in the fall.

Zach presents his poster “FIRE-KRAB: Rapid, inducible, CRISPRi technology to investigate mesoderm specification in the green sea urchin”

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