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Zach and Brennan graduate with Distinction and Awards

Undergraduate researchers Zach Pracher and Brennan McDonald are graduating this spring with distinction in biology. They presented their work at the recent Duke Biology Poster Symposium. Brennan was awarded The James B. Rast Memorial Award in Comparative Organismal Biology. The award is given annually to the student who demonstrates the greatest achievement in the study …

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Retreat to the mountains

The Wray and McClay lab annual retreat to the mountains in Independence, VA was another success. We enjoyed research talks, hikes up the mountain, fall foliage, and competitive geoguesser.

Tania and Micah present at CEGS

Tania and Micah both presented posters at the annual NIH Centers of Excellence in Genomic Sciences (CEGS) meeting in New York. 

Wray lab attends DBSUMI meeting

Several members of the Wray and McClay labs attended the 2023 Developmental Biology of the Sea Urchin and Marine Invertebrates in Woods Hole, MA. Greg, Dave, Alejo, Carl, Jane, and Brennan all gave presentations and Zach presented a poster.       Zach won the award for best undergraduate poster. Jane was awarded second place …

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Ava and Emma join the lab

First year students in the University Program of Genetics and Genomics, Ava and Emma have joined the lab Ava is broadly interested in the evolution of new gene regulation patterns and the maintenance of variation at the epigenetic level. She is a part of the Heliconius single-cell gene regulation project.       Emma began her work …

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Hannah successfully defends her thesis

Newly minted Dr. Hannah Devens successfully defended her thesis  “Genetic Mechanisms Affecting Gene Expression and Chromatin Regulation in the Evolution and Development of Two Sea Urchin Species”