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Available Theses Topics

Several thesis topics are available in our group.

In our group we are interested in the dynamics of the strong force which determines the properties of nucleons as well as testing the standard model with precision measurements.



For this purpose we are involved in two experimental programs.

At the new CLAS12 detector which is located at Jefferson Lab, about 3.5 hrs from Duke University we study electron-proton scattering to extract the 3D structure of protons and how the properties of the nucleon emerge from the dynamics of QCD. At the new Belle II experiment at KEK in Japan, we study how hadrons are formed from quarks and we perform precision tests of the standard model in the flavor sector. In particular, we study the decay of mesons containing b quarks, which are a promising area to discover new phenomena.

A new project of ours at Belle II aims at determining the contribution from the hadronic vacuum polarization to g-2 measurements, which currently show a significant deviation from the standard model expectations. Details on this can be found on the recent white paper that I led.

Additionally, our group is active in developing and deploying ML models in nuclear and particle physics.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact Professor Vossen.