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Our paper on the “Measurement of the branching fraction of B→D(∗)πℓν at Belle using hadronic tagging in fully reconstructed event” is on the arxiv and submitted to PRD

The paper can be found here:


Our paper “Transverse spin-dependent azimuthal correlations of charged pion pairs measured in p↑+p collisions at √s = 500 GeV” was accepted by PLB

Our paper presents the most precise measurements sensitive to the transversity distribution in p+p yet. This plot shows the results vs Eta which corresponds to the momentum the quark we are probing is carrying. As expected from previous measurements. Quarks carrying a higher momentum fraction of the proton tend to also exhibit a higher polarization.

As shown in here, the average Q2 of this measurement (STAR 500 GeV) is substantially larger than previous measurements, corresponding to a deeper look inside the proton.