Enter Sam-man

My name is Samuel Kebede and I approve this message.

I have been excited for Vanya for way too long now. I was/am part of the student board that gave Jeff feedback on what show students would want to see, and Uncle Vanya was at the top of my list. That was back in March. Fast Forward 6 months and two auditions and now I’m VANYA!!!! My better half for this show is Sir Thomas Kavanagh. Thomas is awesome! I mean, his last name is basically KaVANYA (did I just blow your mind). Speaking of things that blow minds, that set. AHHHH!!!! It’s awesome!!! Our first class meeting was filled with oohs and ahhs at the set. But I’m also terrified of it. The acting areas are so strictly partitioned, I’m worried about how to move in those quadrants and the limitations I have of not being able to be in the space until late October. I guess I should start to talk character.

As I write this I am in a character chat with Thomas and we are discussing the intricacies of relationships on and off stage as well as how Vanya works with others. But enough about that. I for one am (in character animal form) a tiger with a machine gun and jet pack. But Vanya is more of a sad goose. While on this thought trail, I believe that when making a character you need to bridge the gap between your character and yourself to better form a truthful performance that can do the character justice with what you have. That is why my character image during the process will be a sad goose with a jet pack.

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