Is America a “New Israel” or a “New Babylon”?: Knowing the Difference Makes All of the Difference

As a practicing Christian, there are few seasons in America more dangerous for the life and witness of the Church than a presidential election cycle.  Every four years latent disagreements turn into a religious civil war with Christian sisters and brothers turning against one another.  Many line up in Camp Republican, while others march to Camp Democrat.  Religious conservatives speak and act as though God is on their side.  And  though liberals may not be crass enough to say the same thing back, but what they say and do suggests they are thinking it.  In all of this, both sides make missteps in the way they engage with each other and the broader society in governmental politics.

While I could offer myriad critiques of the ways Christians politick in America, perhaps one of the most significant mistakes made is the most subtle: using the wrong scriptural metaphor to understand the relationship between the Church and the United States.  Bluntly speaking, too many Christians either tacitly or explicitly assume that the U.S. is like a new Israel, a Christian nation, when in reality the better metaphor is America as Babylon.  Operating in the wrong metaphor frustrates Christian expectations and hopes for the land they live in and also leads to us at times harming our neighbors who have different beliefs, values, and perspectives from our own.  Of course, seeing this land as a place for a Christian country is as old as the early European settlers.

The view of America having a special destiny before God can be seen in the earliest days of the English Puritan colonies on the East Coast.  In 1630, the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop, famously described their new endeavor in a sermon he wrote on the ship Arbella while heading to the New World.  He  referenced a phrase from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, saying, “For we must consider that we shall be as a citty upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us.”  Winthrop immediately went on to describe the wager before the new colony explicitly in the covenantal terms applied to Israel in the Old Testament in Deuteronomy 30: If you as a people are faithful to God’s commands in Scripture, as a people you will prosper; if you are disobedient as a people “I (God) declare to you today that you shall perish; you shall not live long in the land that you are crossing the Jordan to enter and possess” (Winthrop intentionally re-words the end of this scriptural quote, taking out the Jordan River verbiage replacing it with, “the good land whither we pass over this vast sea to possess it”).  Historian Mark Noll notes, “Most of the Puritans who came to New England…held that the Bible teaches a congregational organization, albeit an organization in league with the state (i.e. that churches are organized individually but cooperate with godly magistrates to promote the total reformation of society).” (A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada, p. 33)

This sense of America having an Israel-like calling from and relationship with the Judeo-Christian god is something that has held, going into the creation of the United States and beyond.  It is not uncommon for evangelical Christian leaders to speak of America as a “Christian nation” and to desire that the leaders they vote for reflect their particular values and social agendas; the interests here are not just in how various people’s churches exist, live, and function in society, but whether Christians values, perspectives, and interested get to remain those of the state.  Fearing the growing secularization of U.S. society, such Christians not only want to “make America great again,” but to lead it back in line with God’s call to be a faithful society.  In election years, this means finding and choosing leaders that will reflect and assert their social moral values as particularly understood in Christian tradition.

There is just one problem with the model of the United States as a new Israel or as a Christian nation: America’s founding documents make such a model unintelligible. Plainly stated, nowhere in the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution does it state the purpose and call of the United States of America as being to recognize and worship Jesus Christ as Lord of the universe and as the second person of the Trinity.  Nor do these documents reference that the cause of this new government is to proclaim and embody the good news of Jesus Christ and his kingdom on this earth.  Given that Thomas Jefferson was a deist who famously made his own version of the New Testament that cut out all of the miracles and supernatural elements within it, his references to a “Creator” and “Providence,” point more to a generic god than one that resembles the god of Christian faith.  Jefferson aside, having myriad Christians involved in the founding of the country or having a populace that was or still is largely Christian does not make the U.S. government or its interests Christian.  One can argue that Christian-influenced ethics and concerns influences the nation as its beginning and still hold sway, but Christian-influenced and being Christian are not the same thing.  The United States is something else.

The better and more accurate metaphor for Christians living in America would be to see their situation as akin to living in Babylon.  For those unfamiliar with the biblical narrative, Babylon was a superpower in the ancient Near East that forcibly made the Kingdom of Judah a client state in the late 7th century BC, and eventually between 597-582 BC deported masses of Judahites out of Judah and into Babylon (and significant to Jewish history, Solomon’s temple was destroyed); historians refer to this as the Babylonian Captivity. Until the Persians conquered the Babylonians and let the Jews return to home in 536 BC, they lived as “strangers in a foreign land.”  Certainly Christians as Christians did not have their homeland destroyed and get dragged off into  captivity in North America; that is not where the comparison lies and I would not want to disrespect the experience that was Israel’s.  Instead the idea is that Christians already have a political and “peopled” identity and it is called the Church.  The Church is a people that is spread all across the world in many nations whose allegiance is to the God of Israel.  This “politic” is more ultimate than any national identity or destiny.  And the Church’s call is to proclaim a King and a Kingdom more determinative than a liberal democracy.  With such a citizenship and allegiance, Christians cannot help but be like strangers in America and any other land in which they live.  Trying to usher in a Christian kingdom via the means, mechanism, and force of a secular state becomes unintelligible, particularly when one worships a crucified God who willingly eschewed and absorbed the violence and domination of the state rather than adopting them as legitimate.

Such a model is not a call for Christians to withdraw from political or social engagement in America.  In a pluralistic society such as ours, it is simply the recognition that America invites us to the political table, but that table is not ours or something that we should try to use to coerce others to worship our god.  It is a secular table that invites us and many others to it.  And as long as we are allowed at that table and are not asked or expected to violate what God calls us to as a people, then we should be there with everyone else. Perhaps one of the better scriptural paradigms for this is the Book of Daniel.  In it, the prophet Daniel and Shadrach, Mishach, and Abednego, all were Judahites that had been forced to go to Babylon.  The head of the Babylonian King Nebechadnezzar’s palace selected them to be educated and in order to serve in the pagan king’s court (1.3-7).  Though they were not in a country of their own that they controlled, they did get training and tried to serve the royal court to the best of their abilities.  In this, they did not abandon their identities as Judahites and their worship of their god.  When the King’s orders and decrees functionally asked them to abandon who they were for the state’s way, they did not.  In several instances in the story, Daniel and his compatriots were threatened with death for not betraying their convictions and were miraculously saved from death each time.  In all of this, they were able to serve and try to help the larger, foreign land that they were in without trying to take it over or even avoid the consequences of sticking to their convictions when those went against their host culture.  To use a Christian cliche, they were able to be in Babylon without being of Babylon.

Because Christians already have a king and are a part of a political body (the Church) that determines and instantiates how they should live in the world with one another as well as others, they cannot claim the United States of America with its Enlightenment values as something of ultimate importance or that it is of Jesus.  In a society like America where there are large numbers of Christians living with and among people of all kind of creeds, beliefs, and philosophies, this should ideally help mitigate some of the difficulties of not agreeing in important ways of constitutes “the good life.”  For instance, though Christians can continue to argue with each other about the legitimacy and morality of committed same-sex relationships in the Church, when the state determines that it cannot and should not exclude gay and lesbian couples from entering into the same contractual relationships that come with legal benefits and responsibilities as heterosexual couples do (i.e. a marriage license), that should not be particularly problematic for the Church.  Christian communities that are supportive of same-sex relationships can offer marriage rites and have it also be so that such couples can be legally married in the eyes of the state.  And those churches that believe same-sex sexual relationships are sinful can continue to teach that, not allow gay marriages in their churches, and still offer hetereosexual marriage rites.  The state allowing gay marriage is the same as it is allowing marriage for heterosexual couples, which is to say in both cases it is an act of Babylon.   In either case, whether for or against “gay marriage,” from a Christian point of view, the power and authority of the state does not legitimate or make a “Christian” marriage, so a wedding license theologically is a ultimately a matter of indifference.

Undoubtedly the next four years in the U.S. will be full of argument and acrimony when it comes to politics.  As far as Christians go, I fear the infighting that will occur will make the Bush and Obama years look like child’s play.  Perhaps one of the saddest parts about that will not be the disagreeing (disagreements are a normal part of community life), but the character, harshness, suspicion and cruelty of how the disagreeing will take place.   My hope is that during this time, though, there will be voices in the Church that will both argue for civility and remind one another that any great hope placed in a government for bringing ultimate change or justice is a misplaced and idolatrous hope. I am in no way suggesting that churches should not call governments to do right or not call out wrongdoing.   I am simply saying that in doing so we need to be aware of whom we are dealing with and to temper our expectations accordingly (“better” is worth striving for even if “perfect” is not a possibility). Governments can do plenty of good in the world and should be asked and compelled to do so.  But they will always only be bandages–even if some are really good ones–in a world that cannot help but continually cut itself.  Any ultimate healing will only come from somewhere/Someone else and that healing and its proclamation are the Church’s first obligation to embody and proclaim.  In the case of America, Christians will only do this well when they acknowledge and accept that they are “resident aliens” within America, not synonymous or coterminous with it.

100 thoughts on “Is America a “New Israel” or a “New Babylon”?: Knowing the Difference Makes All of the Difference

  1. Our nation obviously does not have a monopoly on righteous living and clean hands. Our history is replete with shortcomings (the treatment of natives, slavery, Jim Crow laws, the oppression of women’s rights, child labor abuses, aggressive military interventions, political corruption and other sordid failures). However, the vast majority of Founding Fathers did intend our nation to flourish with Christian ideals forming the bedrock of our society. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution make numerous references to a benevolent Creator and His divinely ordained precepts. Our traditions, laws, anthems, pledges, court rulings, and even currencies were guided by Judeo-Christian ideals right through the early 1960s. Most of the Founding Fathers and the majority of our Supreme Justices through the first 150 years of our existence were self professed born again Christians. Our participation in two world wars ensured that evil demagogues would not succeed in world domination and our spiritually awake leaders help propel Israel into existence in 1948. Laws against abortion and gay marriage as well as laws upholding school prayer and bible study were not designed to suppress others but rather to mirror God’s tenets. For all these reasons, and I believe, for our favor towards Israel, God kept His hand of protection and blessing on our land. As modern events have revealed however, the more our nation has strayed from these guiding principles, the more our nation has reaped the consequences of our collective sin. If ever the time was ripe to return to fundamental truth and righteousness, it is now! I pray the younger generations take up the mantle while there is time, for He will not be mocked and Lord knows, we have done an exemplary job of mocking Him and his holy Word at every turn.

    • most of the founding fathers were deists. main momunemts like the statue of liberty were creating by freemason and to idolize false gods. we have never truly been a christian nation. we just loosely appear to be to deceive others. it’s a facade

      • Of course we weren’t a Christian nation. There’s no such thing as a Christian nation on this fallen earth. However, deists aside, many founding fathers were Christians, and the knowledge of God’s word was vastly more widespread in America than it is now. Those that were Christians tried to steer our nation in a God-honoring way, but, just like he does now, Satan meddled through deists and others who had a form of godliness but not its power, the “power” being the Holy Spirit. Now Satan, the accuser, points our attention back to the shortcomings he enflamed to begin with… We perish for lack of knowledge. We’re ignorant of Satan’s schemes.

        Christians in the USA need to stand up, stop hanging our heads over our ancestor’s sins, ask the Lord to show us our own current sins, repent, and move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit. The world needs the Gospel. No amount of self-reflection and self-castigation over history will save us. America is riddled with problems. ALL of them stem from ignoring or mishandling God’s Word. True Christians know that God’s laws are right and true and GOOD. Even the unrighteous experience common grace when they are under God’s just laws.

        I reject anyone’s theology that tries to steer us away from making righteous laws that align with Scripture. Do you know why we had slavery? Because Christian men did NOT force their views on the whole country. As a black woman, I wish they had!! If they had stood strongly on God’s word, together, come whatever separation of the fledgling nation, we would have had a very different history. Biblically inspired laws don’t save anyone’s soul, but they do protect us from MANY ills on this earth.

        I do agree with the author in that the US is very much like Babylon. American Christians may disagree on the best way to help the needy or fix the structure of our nation. Abortion, however, is murder. Period. The blood of millions is on our hands, and God’s wrath is about to be poured out on America’s slaughter of innocent babies, not to mention the tolerance and approval of all kinds of impurity and witchcraft that Scripture is clear on. We may claim confusion. God has spoken clearly.

        America is neither Israel nor the Church. However, Christians can claim the promises of Israel for ourselves, because Scripture teaches we’ve been grafted into Israel, through Christ. I believe many of the founding fathers were holding to that truth. It’s not about America being a Christian nation. It’s about the righteous remnant within her borders, being salt and light, and this means enacting laws that keep a measure of Godlessness in check.

        • Very well written..the spirit moves in you. I agree with most points the author makes except gay marriage. Gay marriage should never be embraced by the church. Gosh word is firm on that particular behavior. It is cut and dried like abortion is murder. May god bless us all with discernment, grace, strength, and wisdom.

          • You do know that slaves were not condoned by God but he came to us during the time where we had slaves. To abolish it meant no workers. Those ‘slaves’ will just be homeless and starving. Those called slaves were actually workers who were tied to a ‘master’

        • Very well said, you made a lot of good points. We need more people like you to Speak on Truths about the things that are going on in America. People are really afraid to tell the truth, because they don’t want to look bad in front of others. People need to Wake Up and see just how bad things are becoming every day! Our Liberty is slowly deteriorating right under our noses and a lot of them don’t realize until it will be too late,

        • Amen I agree we are just passing through my homeland is in heaven just waiting for me but I still love my nation and I’m proud to be an American.. is America more like Babylon yes….

        • Perfectly stated and more true today than in any time previously. We desperately need Godly leaders in our government serving as salt and light and yes, enacting laws that honor God and mirror His righteousness. I pray for this and that the Church will stand together in unity.

        • You know everything that happened so far is just part of what is supposed to happen. We would not be here at this point if we were to go back in time to change everything. What has happened is all part of the plan. Yes I believe the USA is the modern day Babylon. You will see it this way especially after the rapture happens. The USA will lose at least one third of its population. You will see driverless cars, buses, trains, planes, boats, bikes, fires everywhere, it will be total chaos, no communication, lines will be down, death everywhere. 100 Million of our best, truthful, hard working people will be gone. The one world leader will be here in the USA putting it back together, before settling in Israel in the temple 3 1/2 years later. But before digging deeper into this, are you ready for the rapture? Are you going to be left behind? To help you start out, read the Whole book of John, then read the Whole book of Romans. Another thing, it don’t matter how the end comes. I could be right, or I could be wrong. I know I’m saved are you!

    • Please study American history again. Especially the most recent events. Such as WW1and 2. The US dragged their feet and didn’t want to be involved. Until our hand was forced. Also. America was the home for eugenics and abortion that was adopted by others. Such as Hitler. He was not a stand alone anti-Semitic. The US believed in sterilization of the other (mentally deficient-their words, black, poor,etc). The US has backed slavery starting in the New England states as rum/slavery trade. Killed indigenous peoples and broke agreements with them. No. We are not a new Israel. GOD made His covenant with Israel. America cannot make a covenant with the creator. Only G can initiate it.

    • We are the real children of Israel. Our 400 years is up and after that time GOD will come and judge that nation that never gave justice to the slave and the people of GOD. This country was not founded having anything to do with GOD. Using the name of GOD didn’t help the people of GOD. America’s actions have never been GOD like to the slave and the children of slaves. Time is up and the real GOD is present. America will not be great again and has never been great for the black man and woman. America has only been wickedly great.

    • We were once great, because the people held the values of the Almighty and His eyes shone upon us. We have since slipped into an immorality so deep that it polluted the entire world, and YHVH will not allow that to continue.

      “7Babylon was a golden cup in YHVHs hand,
      making all the earth drunken;
      the nations drank of her wine;
      therefore the nations went mad.
      8Suddenly Babylon has fallen and been broken;
      wail for her!
      Take balm for her pain;
      perhaps she may be healed.
      9We would have healed Babylon,
      but she was not healed.
      Forsake her, and let us go
      each to his own country,
      for her judgment has reached up to heaven
      and has been lifted up even to the skies.” Jerimiah 51

    • HA! HA! HA!,
      You must be a Zionist puppet of the Satanic Jews. This nation is going to be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust very soon. All life will be dead and this nation will never be occupied again.
      The satanic Jews Father is Satan the devil; a liar and murderer from the beginning just like his children the Jews.
      Go ahead and delete the post since that is what most satanic Zionists do. You are probably a follower of Satanists like Pat Robertson and John Hagee.

    • I just recently read The Appocalypse of Jesus Christ. It is my impression that it could very well be possible America is That great city BaBYLON. God warns his people to get out of her Our citizenship is in heaven from where we look for our Saviour Jesus Christ. It appears evil spirits will run rampant in Babylon Unfortunately I see a nightmare ahead for America. America should repent of there sin against God and kiss The Son Praying for America and that many souls will be saved there. But the time will come for true worshippers to leave Come out from her my people This is my opinion

    • are you effin kidding me? the founding fathers were FREEMASONS luciferians, wake the hell up you fanatic, you’ve been played for a fool, like half the Americans now days.

  2. The last time I went to church the preacher was ranting and raving saying God was an incompetent and calling Him a monster. The congregation was singing and shouting hallelujah, praise God, we love you anyway.

    1. If God created immortal holy angels that committed sin, that would make Him an incompetent.
    2. If God torments angels and men in à place called hell for eternity to gain satisfaction for sin, that would make Him a monster.
    3. Christianity for the most part teaches this slander and defamation of God’s character as true doctrine, which makes Christianity a form of insanity.

    Punishing finite beings with infinite torment is beyond what any rational intelligent mind can conceive and could not possibly be true.

    • Your message is a perfect definition of God’s justice.

      Do you seriously think God reasons like a politician, who will rape countries off their resources, murder their citizens, and do all sorts of atrocities, and still think that he has done nothing wrong?

      Well then, you should wake up because if God could give up his own Son to be hanged on a tree, just to open your eyes, and you still refuse to open them, then eternal hellfire is no just compensation for risking eternity for common sinful, wicked, rebellious, ungrateful, creatures.

      I see that you are trying to outsmart and outthink the one who knows the number of hairs on your head. I wish you luck with that.

    • You’ll go crazy trying to keep up with all this.
      Keep it simple like Jesus did-who was the expressed image of God.
      Side with free will to choose love and life and you won’t go wrong. Love means nothing without the free will to choose it, His ways and Him. No greater love has this than a man lay down his life for his friend.
      Love is the most powerful force in the universe.
      Love never fails.
      God is love.
      In the end, all will be removed that hinders this great love.
      That is the battle we are caught in the middle of.

    • In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. This is what the LORD says– Israel’s King and Redeemer, the LORD Almighty: I am the first and I am the last; apart from me there is no God. … Is there any God besides me?  There is no other Rock; I know not one. Isaiah 44. Repent and be born again. The Lord and savior Creator of all is coming soon.

    • God is not a monster; he is merciful to the point of sending his only begotten Son to be sacrificed to save all humanity. Seek God and be save for there is only one roading leading to salvation. That is Christ because all other road lead to destruction.

    • I’m not sure ‘God’ would care what you think as you are a ‘finite’ being having to borrow from Judeo-Christian morality/ethics/philosophy to judge Judeo-Christian believers/practicioners. Let me suggest some equivalent redundancies: The oxygen you breathe isn’t yours. Go create or get your own. The blood that flows in your arteries/veins isn’t yours. The taste buds in your mouth that enjoy food…you didn’t make those. The DNA that makes your physical self you, isn’t yours. The life you have lived to this point isn’t yours even if you foolishly believe it to be so. So my suggestion is that a truly irrational mind is one that thinks it can tell its ‘Creator’ what is good, bad, right, or wrong or pass judgment on its Creator. That is the height of hubris, the mark of all autocrats, kind of like “Satan” wanted to become; independent and adored, only to ‘his’ damnation because he, like you, cannot conceive that selfless agape love can not be taken advantage of for personal pleasure or gain. So, go get your own morality/philosophy/ethics apart from God and see how far it gets you. (For all other religions are rooted in evolutionary thought, which is the biggest logical contradiction of all time). I for one, would rather accept that God doesn’t need my permission or consent or approval to do anything.

    • First I’d say for a dog to bight his Master not too bright, and then for the dog to think he is good and wise for doing it crazy!! Yes I called you a dog because like the vomit that is coming out of your mouth only a dog would return to it. In spite of what God has done to save humanity from eternal punishment and considering how simple it is to be saved from God’s wrath and enter his mercy for God to be angry with His creation is the glory of a just God.
      Why did the angels not receive the same mercy? They had made a decision on the other side. They had already tasted the fullness of God’s goodness and Heaven’s glory and instead of it driving them to love God, they loved themselves.
      If we were speaking of incompetence we wouldn’t have to look far to see the nature and distinguishing quality of men and religion and its impact on this world
      Even with all this God doesn’t say I’m done with all of humanity but says I’m not willing that any should perish but all come to eternal LIFE, and my grace never ends, just repent and turn to me for the forgiveness of sins. God says here is a free gift and we say but what about that eternal fire, unaware the enemy has us so blinded we never even seek for truth from its source.
      There is a balance to everything night to day, joy to pain, life to death, eternal life to eternal death, why must this be. Walk into a place that has no rain what is there, dryness, void of life, an emptiness. God needs believers for our love and praise carry him through the emptiness of dealing with hardened, dry, and dead people like you. The longer you stay away from God questioning his righteousness the less likely you are to experience it!!
      Hell is real because the devil desires it for you!!
      He is not incompetent to allow pride or to not just destroy evil, but has used it. Is it unfair for God who sacrificed and suffered on the cross being tried by this world to not ask the same of his followers? Seeing how they not only are spared the full justice for their sin, but are given a Comforter to help strengthen and bless them with the presence of God. the Word of God says we are bought with a price, the blood of Jesus, none of us are without excuse.
      There is no satisfaction for sin it is a curse and one brought about so that a blessing may come upon all who will receive it. For as the curse fell on all so might the blessing of God’s sacrifice. No where is scripture does it say God torments it is the place we chose, or are blindly led too through never seeking a relationship and loving the God who loves us. The Monster is the one who never truly acknowledges how sinful he or she is inside, and their desperate need for a Savior.
      3. your right for the most part Christianity the religion teaches the slander and deformation of God’s character. True Christianity the lifestyle and relationship shows just how insane it is to live any other way, at least to the individual.
      We’ve never been finite there is an eternal soul in every mortal flesh, many want to be finite so they can be buried and its all over, but that’s a lie. The travesty is that we allow mortal flesh to condemn our eternal soul by letting the flesh and a curse dominate our lives rather than doing enough soul searching to find that emptiness inside ourselves that makes us know only God can fill it. It’s not God’s fault nor does he torment us but in this life so that sorrow may lead to repentance

    • First, we are not finite beings. An infinite God created man in his own image with certain inalienable rights—the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The imago dei means God has placed within every man an infinite nature specifically giving each human being a state of eternal consciousness which will continue on from this life to be with God forever or separated from God forever. Eternal life with God forever will be experienced with Christ in heavenly bliss. Eternity without Christ will be excruciating torment forever.
      Jesus Christ paid the excruciating punishment to his death on the cross for all who would receive Him as Lord. He gives everyone the freedom to choose Him or not. That’s the purpose of this life and our founders understood that well.

    • You’re leaving out the free Grace that is the Christ. Accept the redeemer or volunteer for hell. Stop trying to pervert Christ.

    • Fake indian! The tribes worshiped the creator also. It is up to the Lord god of Israel to accept or deny them of eternal life also. You are a lawless, genderless progressive communist. Have a penatant day.

  3. Very simple. God didn’t want israel to have a king. He wanted to be their king. The gospel is that Jesus is coming to set up the kingdom and Yahweh will eventually restore the earth and solve all the problems. Life is not big enough for America and Jesus. Americans will eventually have to yield to Jesus and adopt his policies when he returns.

  4. Every nation and their people have fallen short of honoring El’Elyon’s commands and statues. But the day is upon us and judgment has begun, where every nation, creed, and tongue will behold Him and bow down and confess that ‘Christ Jesus’ is LORD!

  5. Very interesting article mr. Trigger, but you fail to see one small factor in your thesis. And typically, it is by ignoring scripture. Paul and Peter both say that the Church ( born again believers ) are the ” new Israel.” Yes, a huge point of argument in the church at large, which is dominated by dispensational doctrinal viewpoint since the very early 1900’s when propagated by Scofield adherents. The basic foundation being literal vs spiritual interpretation of scripture.
    So as not to ” preach,” the fact that I believe you miss is that God has a REMNANT people on the earth. The majority of them do not attend so called Christian churches, which ARE bastions of Babylonian thinking, and so the “true church” meets only when God puts “two or three together” and they witness in their hearts that the other is a true believer. Each individual is the church.
    Old Israel met in temples or synagogues. New Israel worships ” in spirit and truth.” We could care less about politics, although we may rejoice when “righteous” works are implemented in society. We pray for Trump but we don’t live or die by his or Palosi’s actions. If they do righteous things in govt, then we can live quite lives during our time on this earth. To fail to see that most of what occurs on earth is disturbing at the least and very uncomfortable at the most. If not, we would be like the Jews who chose to not return to the land of Israel as they became very comfortable in exile. If we act likewise, we shall go partake of their destiny.

    • The only point that I would add is that the Jews who have not chosen to return to Palestine a/k/a Israel may be the real “Smart Ones”, as they say. If the political state of Israel is destroyed in the coming Armageddon the surviving Jews will be those now living in exile. Concerning the state of Israel, please recall that this political entity should not even exist according to many Orthodox Jews.

      • First comes the destruction of Demascus from Isaiah 17. Then Babylon is destroyed in Isaiah 13, 14, and 18, Jerimiah 50 and 51, and Revelation 17 and 18. After this, Jerusalem will be destroyed, Zecheriah 14 and Matthew 24, but a remnant will escape through the MT. Of Olives and join with the remnant that escapes Babylons destruction.

        America is Babylon, and the Jews who stay will perish along with the Christians and everyone else.

        “11But you who forsake YHVH,
        who forget my holy mountain,
        who set a table for Fortune
        and fill cups of mixed wine for Destiny,
        12I will destine you to the sword,
        and all of you shall bow down to the slaughter,
        because, when I called, you did not answer;
        when I spoke, you did not listen,
        but you did what was evil in my eyes
        and chose what I did not delight in.” Isaiah 65

        • If it is literal Damascus that wil be destroyed, and it is literal Jerusalem that will be destroyed, then why is Babylon symbolic- because America is not Babylon.

          the Babylon that is destroyed is the region encompassing Iraq, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. Mecca is the woman riding on the beast and it will be bombed by the Islamic antichrist even though he will have risen to power through Islam.

    • In trying to understand your comments, I don’t believe anything you have stated dispute points made in Trigger’s article except in respect to your dislike for churches. I’m not sure what you’re experiencing within churches that you find contrary to your faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. As Christians, most important is making sure our heart remains kind, humble and in love with our Lord, Jesus Christ. We are Blessed in having our faith and the promise of eternal life with our Lord–and we are definitely strangers in this land. In things of the state, Jesus said “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.” Matthew 22:21

      • Render to Caesar that is Caesar’s as in what Jesus said to do didn’t mean as you used it. IF Caesar is your king then render to him of if God is king then Render to him is what was meant.
        Same as with what people have falsely taught what Romans 13 said or meant.
        Obey the higher liberty is what Romans 13 said not power.
        Exousia is the word for power in Strongs. And Exousia means liberty, not power. Those that have taught that mess would make them the whore or Babylon.
        But America through that kind of teaching and committing fornication using that false teaching with kings or rulers of the world is what makes us Babylon.

      • I’m not a scholar, I don’t know what agape love means or is supposed to mean, but the expression to be in love with God is perverse sounding. Being in love is reserved for us humans when we get married. It is not to be confused with being “in love with God.

    • I believe that Paul and Peter were teaching that people that are born again are grafted in and are subject to the promises but not as a country or church but as individual people whether they even go to church or not. We if you truly believe and not just lip service, is spiritual Israel not a Country. Not sure if that was the point you were trying to make or not but that’s what they meant. We Gentiles are grafted in and therefore make us Spiritual Israel and subject to the same promises God gave to Abraham. We are the wild vines.

    • The phrase, ” new Israel” appears nowhere in the New Testament (KJV.) The Ekklesia consists of both Gentile and Jewish believers in the LORD Jesus Christ Almighty (Ephesians 2:10+ please read.) Multiple readings of raw scripture 5, 10, 20+ times through the whole Bible WITHOUT poisoned or blinkered dirty money Bible Studies (Author$ making money instead of Peter and Paul’s freely circulated letters) drives out strange and false doctrines and ignorance.
      –The Home Church is the only Church (Ekklesia.) “Churches” that take the giving due to the needy saints and instead buy property and build buildings (one humble structure → Conspicuous Cathederal → Campus of buildings → Multinational etc..) are religious businesses, not the Ekklesia. Many (most?) are even 501c3 state corporations.
      –The Ekklesia met primarily in homes, apartments or townhomes in an apartment block (Eutychus falling from the 3rd Loft -4th floor- of a Roman Insula?) Also Roman Empire public spaces, Tyrannus’ school. New Testament Preachers and Teachers weren’t salaried professionals performing on a stage to an audience (preaching for dirty money.) Itenerant preachers worked and funded themselves (commanded to do so by Paul) and were roomed, fed, and clothed (implied by scripture IMO) in believer’s homes. This was the not muzzling the ox and double honor of the New Testament.
      –IMO the distortions of the religious business organizations that claim to be churches account for anti-scriptural attitudes in people claiming to be zealous Bible-believing Christians. In the US and other countries, there is one law for the Rich and another for the Poor. The Rich bribe just laws and enforcement away from them. The Rich are buttressed by lawyers and laws to the point where magistrates find it difficult or impossible to enforce the laws that remain. The Poor are blocked from Court by access barriers. The Bible says this is evil. How often do “Christians” hear this taught in even zealous bible churches (religious businesses claiming to be Ekklesias?)
      –Usury has become a ravenous monster in the US. Work is shipped overseas where people are paid wages that won’t cover the cost of living in the US. Both Republican and Democrat political beliefs are contrary to scripture. The fact that some/many “Christians” believe the US is a Christian nation shows that “Christians” may be knowledgable in poisoned and blinkered bible studies, but they are ignorant of scripture.

  6. In the New Testament Israel is a spiritual body of born again believers in Jesus Christ that consist of all physical races and nationalities. So America as a nation cannot be a new Israel. America does resemble Babylon The Great in prophecy.

    • America is the true Babylon The Great.!!! Read Revelation 17 1-8, She is the Babylon The Whore, and will be destroyed in one hour, according to bible is 2 yrs. Look at what happened to Venezuela, when they brought in communism? took God out out of society, two yrs country collapsed, people eating out of garbage cans, this is going to happen to america, if they don’t stop this socialist crap, Have been a serious student of end time events for 42 yrs.

      • Mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots is not America (though America has become really ungodly) it is Mecca where the black stone Kaaba is and where Muslims all over the world face in worship 5 times a day. The black stone Kaaba (allah) is the ‘wickedness” represented by a woman in a basket seen by prophet Zechariah *chapter 5:5-10) which was carried mid air and taken to Babylon the land of shinar and a pedestal was built for her. Do proper research.

    • Mike it actually does resemble the Babylon of the OT. After 9/11, I studied Babylon of old. I would suggest you study this as well. I digress. I looked into the Twin Towers and found a town on the shores of the Atlantic. The town was renamed in the early 1800’s and it’s new name was NEW BABYLON. This town is only 1 hour from the Twin Towers. The stories of OLD BABYLON and NEW BABYLON are mirrored. The truth is simple…scripture says…I will bless them that bless you (Israel) I will curse them that curse you. This will in fact be the fate of this nation.

  7. Many of you have added cogent remarks to the conversation. The REMNANT view is quite accurate. They are all over the world and not of one religion or ethnic tribe. They are advanced in wisdom & without much recognition, living and serving CHRIST quietly the way he would have done without the interference that he had to endure. CHRIST is well aware of who his real church is and is developing each legitimate member to a higher calling and future with HIM in the heavens. I end with the reminder of the old gospel hymn, ‘HE’S GOT THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS.’….He most assuredly DOES…..

  8. America IS Mystery Babylon ! Trump IS 666. His name in Wikipedia is Donald John Trump. That’s not even what he says it is. He says it is Donald Johann Trump.
    Why is this also a mystery–Because The Family Name is DRUMPF.
    Donald (6); Johann(6); Drumpf (6)–Bingo ! Fact check it. Granddad a Pimp; Father a slum lord. Donald does ALL things opposite of Christ; therefore–Anti Christ. Not the only anti-Christ Person; there have been millions; but THE ANTI-CHRIST.(Beast) From the Earth; The Next is The Beast From The Sea, who gives homage to The Wounded Beast. Scarey as Hell. It should be. Spread the word, and pray like crazy.

    • It’s sad that you were that angry and diluted. And the way you mock the best president we’ve had in many decades! I hope you find Some truth And a way out of your deception!

    • Trump is 666? Gave me a good chuckle . Despite all the
      ” facts ” you site…you fail to see that God hand picked Donald J Trump to be president for 2 terms . I’m of the belief that God knew what he was doing in choosing Trump, who will lead and heal the nation. You’ll see that this is more than political, its a spiritual battle between good and evil and God will prevail .

    • Yes. I’ve thought for many years that America was the Babylon of John’s Revelation. And watching DJT for the last five years, and especially the manner of his election (consider how many things had to occur for it to happen, and how unlikely people believed it to be on Nov. 1 of 2016!)…
      Believing he really could be the A-C or at least adjacent to him is not unfathomable.

      More and more I find myself thinking of John 8:44 in relation to him and his diehard followers.

      “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.“

      Saddest part is that if he IS, he will either win this election, or we will be made to think he has – or if Joe Biden wins, he will never take office because the AC won’t let him. He will come out and show his true colors very soon.

      I truly hope I’m wrong. I really do. But hope is getting harder and harder to maintain when I see the cheering adoring crowds that flock to his super spreader death rallies.

    • Donald Trump isn’t the Anti-Christ bud he’s just a flawed man with good intentions. Your gonna tell us the person who is against war, killing babies, etc…. Is the Antichrist. Trump stayed for the entire service and then donated. Orange Man Bad to now Orange man is the Antichrist like wow.

    • I’m excited by the man who described DONALD JOHAND DRUMPF AS 666 THE ANTI CHRIST. It’s a mystery revealed . Is DONALD TRUMP THE BEAST ON EARTH ?. . .

  9. This will be an interesting watch to say the least. Our children’s futures depend on this through out the entire world. 3rd world happening now since World War I and II took place. We don’t have much room for the 4th world war. Not many of us could sustain this. It’s an intrusion to our very being. And a very real battle of the mind. We see it everyday with our children loosing themselves in this spiritual fight while they themselves are crazy enough to shoot their own school peers and teachers. It will be a mental health crisis that will take a steady wiling handed team to help the cause. I will always remain certain that good wins when a great team gather together.

  10. I must agree that the United States of America is not truly a Christian Nation and it was founded by mostly Godless Slaveholders, like my own Godless slave holding Cuban ancestors. In any event, my reading of the New Testament has convinced me that the “mystery Babylon” of the book of Revelation is the U.S.A.. That said, real Christians should “Get right with God”, as they say, and calmly await the coming Armageddon. My own arithmetic calculations, inspired by the Holy Spirit, have allowed me to determine that the End will arrive within a maximum of 14 years or before the end of the year 2033 A.D.. Get ready for Very Serious Fireworks.

    • A date setter? How many more of those do we need? That in itself qualifies you as a false prophet. Even Yeshua said he didn’t know the date or the hour, only the Father knew…so I guess your Holy Spirit inspired calculations trump even Yeshua…so, seriously dude?

    • You can’t put dates to anything so you should not. As in no one knows but the father. Even Jesus didn’t know when the end would come so putting dates on anything prophetic will mostly make it false.
      Don’t put dates to scripture or prophecy you cant!

    • More accurately at this point in time, New York and the Perverted Statue of Liberty is the Mystery. Governor Blow Mo Cuomo sending Covid Patients into elderly home with extra body bags. Just pure Evil. Mayor paints divisive graffiti in front of President’s personal property. Not a peace maker in the bunch. Just trouble makers

  11. I don’t agree with all what he said in his video presentation. But his explanation about the present situation using Book of Daniel and Revelation is one of the best.

  12. I appreciate this writing and would like to follow this group. Do you have a web site or FB account that I can join or follow. Thank you. Respectfully, Greg Wiele.

  13. Same different, and you must remember that sons of Belial are the sons of men not son of man. Since the fall of Atlantis when the son of man and sons of men gather together and Israel was one of many gathering hub, and Nazareth was one of them that had been intermingling between the son of man and sons of men had breed mankind aka soulless beast of the earth.

    And then Jews had been persecuted in Egypt under King Ramses [sons of men] and Queen Nefertari [daughter of man – aka Red Hebrew] who had fancied Moses and made Ramses jealous, and so Ramses command Moses into the widlerness and expecting Moses to die, but Yahweh was with Moses.

    Now listen carefully, Ramses is also Prince Philip and Nefertari is also Queen Elizabeth II.

    They had picked up the sword, lived by the sword and shall die by the sword, and shall die as sinners of slave, and shall be condemned with judgement for the breaaking of the Law of the Sun which is for the son of man and sons of men not to intermingled, lest the child shall become soulless and seedless.

    They has also been living off the fat of the lands instead of fruitful and multiply.

    Greed for greed instead of grace for grace in a false peace so called democracy society that had always been a communist and socialist country and under the Zionist World Order power via Babylon.

    I am telling you that I am also Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah the prophet as well as David and John The Baptist and other prophets written in half distorted bible.

    And did you like my winnowing the fanners breeze in the UK?, oh and watch out for the second phase with great heatwaves and frightful winds and watch America, for the wall shall also be destroyed in it.

    And then phase III with the trembling of the prolonge earthshaking.

    But the worse is yet to come, for Lord is in great fury.

    And I was also Mother Shipton.

    24th October 2029 I shall strike the earth with the rod of my mouth and I shall slay the impious with the Spirit of my lips, and remember Lord Jesus is already here as the last great Anti-Christ with a sword and rod of iron who had already toppled both the power that be and turned the table since recruited into ZWO batshit crazy organization in 1987.

    This is why WW3 had already started that had ben planned again on October 1989 under G H.W “King Nebuchadnezzar & King Herod” Bush the tyrannical lawless one and his son of perdition G W ‘King Belshiazzar & King Antipas Herod’ Bush.

    Hillary is the whore who was also Jezebel and Herodias, the one who order to lopped my head off as John the Baptist.

    Statue of Liberty is the Whore of Babylon The Great.

    And remember that Obama is one of many eugenics soulless beast of the earth with Osama Bin Laden and many like clones recruited as agent, spies, soldiers and even president of the united state of America.

    And remember that there is more than half the world that is soulless beasts of the earth since Obama was in his half terms as ‘balance inhis hand’ in my Revelation.

    And I did not come to bring peace neither, but to seperate the parent and the children, the son and daughter, and truly anethema had been stricken as it is written in Malachi prophecies.

    [i]”Little children, yet a little while I [Elijah] am with you. Ye shall seek me: and as I said unto the [Zionist] Jews, Whither I go, ye cannot come [into the kingdom of God with me];” – John 13:33[/i]

  14. Thanks for this overview and I tend to agree , a solid biblical foundation opens ones eyes to truths and facts coupled with a history study of our country leaves little question , Masonry being in much of the founders fore fronts certainly makes one see the Babylon amidst it all Thanks , I would it be the other, New Jerusalem but this is far from it, All was subtly blended in from the beginning, and very astutely implemented even as we speak ,right down to county government in each state of

    • Good article but not factual. Look at the Documentary by Kirk Cameron – Monumental. You will see what the founding fathers meant One nation under God. This God mentioned was most certainly the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. BUT it was not Judaism that was the reference, but a God that would sacrifice his own son! Look at the Documentary – Hundreds of Historical documents that the God of Judeo/Christian is the one Nation under God they were talking about. This also goes back to the 1600’s when the Puritans escaped “The Church of England!”

  15. The OT progresses to a wider and wider view of God’s work in the world. Israel suffers the fate of the Canaanites and for similar moral failures. The history of the world is replete with nations falling into decadence and being destroyed. We can see the hand of God in all of it; in the history of Canaan we get it with God’s commentary on the events.

    God’s dealing with the USA according to its deeds needn’t be based on some kind of appropriation of the Mosaic convenant’s promises and curses. It’s just how things work in God’s world.

  16. John Rock is correct that the US is Mystery Babylon. The birth of the United States actually proclaimed the rebirth of Babylon. This was incorporated into our national emblem of which it is said, by our government, represents our national identity. The writing on the forehead of the harlot is a description of her seal. On the Great Seal of the United States is a mystery- Babylon the Great.

    I compiled this info here for anyone to use as they like-

  17. You are trying to hard to understand something so simple. There is a God and he is a powerful creator. He created us in his image with a spec of himself in each of us. This is what Jesus was telling every one. Jesus was telling those who had open eyes and hearts that would understand and believe his words. You can only get to know God if you believe what Jesus was saying. There are many books of the Bible that never made it into the published Bibles and the Bible in it’s original language was off. Right from the beginning of the King James version There was Adam and Eve. And Eve was created from a rib of Adam. There is other older translations which says Eve was created from half of Adam. In Jesus time the world was something like now people worshiped idols, money, kings, false Gods and even Evil practices. In that time those who believed where trying to show the people the direction they need to be taking to have a heaven on earth. Obey the ten commandments, communicate with God and give thanks and praise to him. Love each other as yourself. when threatened by evil come together and pray.

  18. Mystery Babylon as referred to in the Holy Bible does not refer to a “place or location”. It refers to a belief system that is counter to the Word of God Almighty. Mystery Babylon will be a world system in diverse places across the globe……not just in a singular location or referring to a group of people. So now you know. The USA will be punished for its sins against humanity just like other nations have been. The only thing that has kept the USA under God’s protection for this long was all the good that emanated from this nation to the world and the task of spreading God’s Word throughout the world. Now that the task has been completed, the umbrella of protection is being removed because its leaders have allowed and actually fostered the break-up of the family unit in the USA……and taken away over time the rights of the individual in favor of the government.

  19. First off, there is no ‘church’ in scripture. There is the ecclesia/ekklesia. The word ‘church’ is a direct, purposeful mistranslation. Look this up. It has totally altered and confused the ‘people of God’. Secondly, yes, even as someone whose ancestor signed the Declaration, America is not, nor ever has been, what one might think of a ‘Christian’ nation. It did incorporate certain Judeo-Christian principles such as equality, liberty, etc, but at its core it was a nation that was born out of financial/legal bickering against a type of ‘mother’ country in England. The people living in the colonies just got fed up with high taxes, illegal search/seizures, monkey courts, etc. So they said, “Screw it, let’s kick some a**.” And they did. However, many of the revered framers were deists, masons/freemasons, etc.. So in that regards, no, we are not some new Israel or special nation under God, etc. We are more like Babylon in our religious tolerance, economic policies (conquer a people, then prop them up through welfare policies), advanced technologies, etc. We spread our whoredoms and ‘freedoms’ throughout the world as the economic power at the top. It makes me weep that so many ‘Christians’ buy into this idea of “America the Great, God shed His grace on thee…” while openly condemned sins mentioned in their Bible are not only tolerated, but actively embraced and promoted…not by unbelievers only, but by themselves! (Abortion which is the equivalent of child sacrifice to false gods; homosexuality which signifies the ‘giving over to’ mentioned in Romans chapter 1; economic slavery through welfare, inflation based fiat currencies, social security; atheistic education through forced government schooling turning children away from family to the state, etc). If anything no other country in the history of man has done such an excellent job of perfecting the syncretistic mix of government and religion under the guise of republicanism build on democratic principles of ‘free’ elections! I mean, it’s no ‘mystery, Babylon the Great’ if you think about it; it’s right out in the open for the observant eye!

  20. You need to get it through hour head the Jews took control of this nation much much sooner than we have been lead to believe. There were Christians that loved and feared the LORD God of the Old Testament. His name was not YHVH/YHWH/YAHWEY/YAHUAH/YAH/ because that was the name of the pagan Edomite/Egyptian moon god that the Jews worship today. His name was not Jehovah
    YAHOVAH/YEHOVAH/ because that name was invented by Raymondus Martini of the Roman Catholic Church in the year 1278. 2000 years ago there was no such thing as a Jew. The term Jew or Jews did not exist until the year 1590. If there were no Jews then who crucified the Christ? Esau married several Cainite (black) women. Toss in some Esau red and you have the original Idumeans/Edomites. A predominately black civilization at that point in time. Yes I am saying that Christ was crucified by Black people. You say you don’t believe that do you? Pull up to the computer and pull up Psalm 22:12-21 compare each of these verses with other versions of the Bible. Doing a word study on them will leave no doubt exactly who it was that crucified Christ. Since at that time there was no such thing as a Jew, the name of the Christ was not Yeshua.

    After the Exodus, Moses wrote the ”ORIGINAL NON-CORRUPTED SCRIPTURES” in Paleo-Hebrew/Greek in “1446 BC,” ( י ה ו ה) DID NOT APPEAR IN THEM. YAHWEY’S Aramaic language did not exist until “300 BC.” For 1,146 years the true Sacred Name of the CREATOR GOD was in the uncorrupted Parchments.  Hidden in their surviving texts you would find the life giving Sacred Name safely guarded and protected by ADAMIC Moses.

    In Paleo-Hebrew/Greek [HIS] name is Jesus. His name was never pronounced “EA-SOUS”. With the letter “iot/jot” if you have a consonant after the letter “iot/jot” the name has the letter I sound. If you have a vowel after the letter “iot/jot” the name has the letter J sound. By rule, the O is silent. Therefore, when the apostles spoke to Christ they called Him Ἰησοῦς, Iesous, or JESUS. He heard the name above all names. JESUS not Yahwey.

    There was no “J” until 500 years ago is a ancient Babylonian and Edomite lie continued on by today’s Ashkenazi Jews. During JESUS’S ministry on the earth, there were 10+ alphabets that had and used the letter J before the Greek! The Enochian alphabet, “uncorrupted” Paleo-Hebrew, ancient Phoenician, Daggers, Malachim, Pictish, Tengwar, Futhark, Anglo/Roman, Mason/Rosicrucian uncorrupted Ogham, and more . 


    (Exodus 33:16 Christian Standard Bible (CSB) “I JE” and Your people (the new Adamic Caucasian Hebrew Israelite Greeks) will be distinguished from all other people/races on the face of the earth.” (Exodus 6:7) I will take you [ADAMIC WHITE ISRAELITES] as MY own people, and “I JESUS” will be “YOUR GOD.” The new ADAMIC [WHITE ISRAELITE] race have “ALWAYS” been “CHRISTIANS” because JESUS THE FATHER IS ALSO THE CHRIST.”

    There is no such thing as YAHWEY-JESUS, or YAHUAH-JESUS, or YEHOVAH-JESUS, or YAH-JESUS. All of these “Y names” are Jewish Antichrist. From YAHWEY to YESHUA HAMASHIACH means “ May His name Jesus be obliterated.“ Millions will “lose their souls for eternity” for using the wrong “ONE NAME.” Millions are clueless to the blasphemy their committing by using all of these “Y names” for worship! There is no power in the name of Yahwey only the name of Jesus.

    JEHOVAH is Catholic Antichrist. These names are directly saying “THERE ARE 3 LORD’S, 3 FAITH’S, 3 BAPTISM’S, and 3 NAMES THAT SAVE. (Matthew 1:21) And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins. JESUS is not a title. (Luke 1:31) Behold, you will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to give Him the name JESUS.


    One of the first settlements in what would become the United States was by the Puritans in New England. “Independently, many Puritans took up and applied the older idea that England enjoyed a covenant with God—a ‘covenant of grace,’ they called it—even if they hesitated at first about whether the Promised Land was to be found in the new England or the old” (Todd Gitlin and Leil Leibovitz, The Chosen People, 2010, p. 65).
    Puritan minister John Cotton “preached the ‘land of promise’ to . . . Puritan voyagers aboard the Arbella as they were about to set sail from Southampton in 1630, drawing his text from II Samuel 7:10: ‘Moreover I will appoint a place for my people Israel, and will plant them, that they may dwell in a place of their own, and move no more'” (pp. 65-66).
    As time went on, some of the Founding Fathers of America used biblical metaphors and word pictures to describe the new land. On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress instructed Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to design a seal for the United States. What did they propose?
    “A few weeks later, Franklin proposed this image (in his own words): ‘Moses standing on the Shore, and extending his Hand over the Sea, thereby causing the same to overwhelm Pharaoh who is sitting in an open Chariot, a Crown on his Head and a Sword in his Hand. Rays from a Pillar of Fire in the Clouds reaching to Moses, to express that he acts by Command of the Deity. Motto, Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.’
    “Jefferson . . . [suggested] ‘a representation of the children of Israel in the wilderness, led by a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night'” (pp. 67-68). The Colonial View of America as a New Israel.

  21. We are Babylon! Pure and simple. No other country matches as part of Mystery Babylon than we do. Through international laws and our Military might, we rule the world, as in committed fornication with the kings of the world. kings aren’t the literal statement of kings, although we do deal with some, but rulers are the more correct statement there. We have committed fornication with all the world’s Rulers.
    Through the UN and NATO, they do as we say or get sanctioned. We are an evil hypocritical nation and do more Idolatry than any other. We’re Babylon!

    • I feel it could be china/California as California is the golden cup full of abominations leading many astray due to idol worship and idols who are but a breath of air and do not have our best interest at heart. They are handled and used for the media (principalities of air [airwaves] ) and if you see who mainly owns the media and Hollywood then cmon down to china town. We can see mainstream celebrities cheering and leading countries in marches for abortions in music and songs masked as “women’s rights and just a clump of cells” but yet when one of these celebrities become pregnant it’s now a tiny human baby on their tweets and news reports example Halsey and Argentina with millions of women’s cheering in streets because abortion was legalized. You see BLM ANTIFA and divisions being used and propped on a pedestal even bailing criminals out of jail and screaming oppression and to get rid of guns and fences while they themselves do detestable things in the mountains and gain the whole world but lose their soul. You see the world power behind who benefits from this due to wanting GLOBAL dominance it would be CHINA both china and California both are surrounded by waters and I agree with a previous poster that it could be spiritual in ways we can’t see. Idol worship and failing to repent brings individual judgment and then judgment of a nation. We were made prosperous I would much rather see 300 us air bases then 300 china dominated air bases. We are not as evil as made out to be but hollywood is. They glamorize in rap music twerking,murder,sex,drugs,disrespect for police, crime,money, “no snitching” money over everything and sexualizin women and all things contrary to God’s way which puts many people in bandage trying to follow them as an idol instead of God! It leaves nations drunk and spiritually bankrupt. I believe God will restore America and it saddens me to see people thinking all of America as evil and vile we have helped many people come here legally and contribute to our nation we have had a God given law of freedom and a constitution that laid out every issue we have helped weaker nations in exchange of removing powerful evil dictators. I don’t see millions fleeing to go to china,North Korea, iran, Iraq, Palestine, Pakistan not that I’m judging but they will behead you or force you to make your 13 year old daughter marry a 55 year old man , women can’t drive , they persecute anyone not worshipping their churches , china copies all of our inventions and sells them for a fraction of the cost,they force people in slave labor for rich evil monopolies that make our goods and charge you $55 for a shirt and in exchange china forces business like Nike to scream #stopasianhate yet use Asians in slave labor or stir the blm pot with rich black Americans celebrities hashtagging. They are handled by CHINA china bought up most of hollywood and I find it ironic California contains china town and babylon in their states with idols everywhere! Most Americans are not greedy or evil we donate to Israel we spend time in shelters we love our neighbors *the legal ones in our nation not twisted scripture to fit narratives* we appreciate the freedoms given to us and we thank the lord in hard times and good times. China will throw you in jail for bogus crimes and make your family disappear or tell your family you died of a suicide while they harvest all your organs if your healthy for the almighty dollar. As well as our pharmaceutical devils advocating vaccines that are harming our generations we went from needing 3 vaccines to children needing over 50 by the time they’re 5 with more inflammation and chronic illness than ever all for the evil all mighty dollar. God will repay those who have been harmed and Christians won’t escape Scott free as nobody in the Bible rarely ever did they suffered but trusted in the lord and he worked it out for their good. The only way to stand is to rely on God and take Jesus teachings of how to be a correct kind hearted honest humble hard working person and apply it in your life. They say idol hands are the devils playground well look what party keeps the people in bandage on government assistance, crime ridden , drug ridden single parents with missing fathers and no godly influence just idols – and it would appear false idols are the biggest role model. I also blame the borders of Mexico cartels and [the catholic church and china backs them as well] they are killing our generations children are growing up without mothers and fathers due to overdosing on heroine or fentanol and methamphetamine and red phosphorus and another chemical is needed that comes from Mexico drug cartels and fentanol comes from China. Big pharma doesn’t wanna treat the addiction once and for all they keep people crippled because getting you off one thing and addicted to another means the sick always stays sick and there’s $$ in that there’s no money in a one time fix and thats why in democratic ran cities big dealers and cartels dwell and are never caught while the addict with a $10 bag of weed is thrown in jail and pays the cost this is how the enemy has crept in we’ve lost sight of Jesus whole way of life to live a healthy life and the evil demonic beings behind it WILL pay they will say to the rocks fall on me and hide me. If you think the USA is the main exporter wrong it’s CHINA on the sea they ship out billions of dollars worth of goods world wide and caused America to consume more than we produce darn near. I could def see it being them as nobody buying their goods anymore when it hits the fan because they’ve gotten people drunk on luxury for half the cost and imagine the silk road they was the power house then too. They believe they are their own God and you are punished if you dare speak Jesus they follow your every move. We need a move from God to repair our foundations and have mercy fight our battle to remove all the child traffickers,pedophiles,false idols,cartels,and corruption that has almost destroyed the land he has given us. Sorry this is long i could be wrong but I don’t think all of America is babylon.

  22. Yes USA is Mystery Babylon and both Old Testament and up to the book of Revelation we are commanded to “come out of her”. Sadly, this may even mean our beloved churches who, like someone in the comments mentioned, are part of the system living and teaching its principles and have departed from biblical truth. We are so engulfed and immersed in Babylon that we have no idea of what this truly is. So it is time to wake up and “come out from among them” before it’s full judgement comes (Revelation 18:4, 2Cor. 6:17, Jer. 51:45).

  23. I am afraid sometimes that USA is the New Babylon and 1 EMP from Russia could be WW3. What worries me more is that both the Democrats and Republicans play for same team. The choice is literally whether the giant douche or the turd sandwich will bring forth the ending…

  24. I am in general agreement with this article. I have written on the same topic. As Christianity has adapted to the needs of nations and empires over the centuries, including the American Empire, the teachings of Christ have become remarkably domesticated. The apostles warned of this to the point where if they were here to witness much of nationalist and western exceptionalist underpinnings of the messages coming out church media programs today they would not even recognize it as the Gospel they know. The domesticated gospel also tends to define human representative value to God in terms of social influence and the production and consumption of material goods from the wealth of the land. The problem is more serious when we can see the calling is not to be conformed to the world (Rom. 12:2). Followers are to know no home or sense of place in America of anywhere else in the world. If this is disrupted by secular concerns that go beyond the boundaries the Lord has set it interrupts the Christian’s walk and growth. I’ve written on the same subject here from another viewpoint if interested

  25. America bring in over 3 trillion dollars in good to it ports per day. What other country brings in more from other countries. The United State of America I believe is the New Babylon. Babylon has been rebuilt and if this is true yes it will be destroyed. The ships that bring the goods into this country after this country New Babylon has been destroyed This ship will not be able to get the goods into this country. No one will not be able to live here anymore. Remember the Bible dose not say where Babylon will be rebuilt. This country bring in 3 Trillion dollars a day in goods from other countries take that away what happens to the world when it looses that kind of money in one day. Add that up and then take it away. —————- and no pluses.

    • Nobody buys her cargos anymore.

      China is the exporter we have became a nation that sadly consumes just as much as produced yet we still have basic necessities needed in America that China does not such as crops food clean water deer beef etc.

  26. You sir sound like you have never realized that the area of southern africa is where the true holy land of GOD resides and after the capture and release of the Israelites from Babylon, they were not actually released but relocated to the area we now know as Israel(Mystery Babylon)!!! Look at ancient maps and they will show all of the ancient holy cities in Southern Africa, many in Southern Ethiopia!!!

  27. As you look for the third way, you need to look deeper into the truth. It is worth appreciating that you would like to find some sort of peaceful middle ground that would unite “Christians,” or would even allow Christians and citizens to live together in harmony, but you are mistaken. Christ came to bring a sword. I don’t mean a physical sword, but absolutely a theological sword, there is right, and there is wrong, and we shall have to choose which side to stand upon. Gladly I proclaim to you that ultimate truth is very easy to confirm, rationalize, and stand upon even though multitudes rail against it. Your article makes it sounds like there are two sides to Christianity that argue over truth, and it is right there that you err. Claiming Christianity is not the same things as being Christian. A denomination can have church buildings and meetings, organization, apparent good deeds, and use Christian terms, and absolutely be apostate. I leave that to your discretion to discern whom those may be, but with deeper study of the Bible, from the Bible, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, those churches become obviously apparent. But back to your article. We are a Christian nation. Secular men did not gather to build a religiously free country, you really should give that some thought. The reason religion and God were even thought about, and freedom which is a Biblical concept, and justice, another Biblical concept, etc… was because a majority of Christian men came together to forge our nation. Yet, since there were secular men in attendance, and in agreement of values though maybe not on the Savior, how could a truly “free” country be established, without violating their God given freedom of will? God created the will free in each man, that is not just reality, but a Biblically explained reality, one which Christians embrace. THIS IS WHAT THE COUNTRY WAS FOUNDED UPON, that very truth. The majority of Christians forged this document, and this freedom principle, it was not a concept created by mere men. Further, any truth conservatives fight over or for, does not mean we are fighting for nationalism, though a small group do, but we are fighting politically for truth. If you erect any government, law, order, or mandate, or raise up any politician or leader on a foundation other than truth, great suffering shall occur. What then would you have us do?

  28. 4 years later, a Covid Pandemic from China, a stolen election and New York looking more like Mystery, Babylon everyday. The Liberty Statue has returned to perversion

  29. Correct. This is the only current national land on Earth dedicated to Christ Jesus at it’s inception. The Bible refers to peoples as nations, not locations or governments. People trying to make America Babylon aren’t recognizing Babylon is a system globally. America is just a scapegoat for the foreigners and aliens who have taken over.

  30. God has purpose in all things. Slavery, no matter how ugly, brought many people here that would otherwise be still stuck in nations where they would be far worse off. All of our ancestors paid a great price for us to live and thrive in this nation that allows us to publicly proclaim our faith or disbelief. We are all lucky to be here and we are all brothers and sisters. Stop wallowing in anger about what was and be grateful to God that you are here. I don’t see anyone willing to renounce their citizenship and “go back” to their ancestral country just because America is such an evil place. We are all better off in America

  31. “As far as Christians go, I fear the infighting that will occur will make the Bush and Obama years look like child’s play. Perhaps one of the saddest parts about that will not be the disagreeing (disagreements are a normal part of community life), but the character, harshness, suspicion and cruelty of how the disagreeing will take place.” Gosh, how right you were. Great article. The allegories between America and Babylon are rife and will remain true for a long time. Well done.

  32. America will play a very important role in these end times. The prophecy from the book of Revelation 13 describes America as a lamb-like beast with two horns that speaks as a dragon. (Revelation 13:11)

    America will unite with the first beast of Revelation 13 (The Papacy) and will force the mark of the beast on everyone by legislation.

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