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These were part of Psy242-C’s Fall 2019 Science Communication Project.

Together, we learned to communicate cognitive psychology topics to the audience of Elon’s campus newspaper, The Pendulum. Select pieces will be published in the spring.


Armstrong, Cheyenne L.
Baker, Katherine
Barba, Kerry L.
Blue, Angela V.
Degler, Alyssa G.
Dippel, Samantha J.
Freund, Shelly N.
Gill, Michael W.
Gilmore, Bailey W.
Graham, Paige E.
Graure, Meghan E.
Griffin, Katherine A.
Herrick, Daniel C.
Mehta, Caitlin L.
Morhardt, Lyndsey M.
Ornstein, Amanda H.
Rupp, Haley C.
Rutan, Marion S.
Samples, Anne M.
Segnini, Alex V.
Smith, Olivia C.
Vu, Ryan L.
Weber, Julia C.
Wright, Abby T.


Brenda Yang | | @brendawyang

Special Thanks

Mira Abed | @mirakatherine

Anton Delgado | | @antonldelgado

Alex Schmidt | | @AlexSchmidty

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