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The Sites@Duke Express service provides an easy way for Duke faculty, staff and students to set up a website or blog using predefined design templates (themes) and plugins that users can choose to enable within their sites as they see fit. There is no charge to users.

Why use Sites@Duke Express?

Sites Express offers a robust set of easy-to-use tools, including Duke-related themes and a Duke URL. The service also provides user and group management through the Duke NetID authentication system.

Who shouldn’t use Sites Express?

Users who want additional customization (such as adherence to specific branding requirements or more customized graphic design or functionality) should contact their school or unit’s IT staff. Custom approaches to WordPress (including graphic design and other themes and plug-ins) can be accommodated through other campus and external service offerings, which may require payment for development, design, hosting or other project costs.

Users who need to offer sensitive or restricted data should consult for the appropriate platforms for that type of data. Sites Express should only be used for public data.

Students who are considering using Sites Express for online portfolios and sites that they would like to access beyond graduation should consider developing a site in (or another external platform) as their Duke NetID access to Sites Express will expire soon after graduation.  Students nearing graduation may also consider exporting their site from Sites Express and importing into


Sites Express is managed by a team of staff with representation from the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and Duke Learning Innovation. The service owner is OIT’s Duke Web Services. Our team uses feedback from the campus community to make adjustments and improvements in the overall Sites Express service. Find out more about the service governance process.

Original Roadmap and History

Sites Express grew out of a 2009-2010 pilot with the Duke Digital Initiative. Read more about the project’s history.

Contact us

For general questions regarding logging in and using Sites Express, please contact the OIT Service Desk. We welcome comments and other feedback. To submit feedback, please use our online form.