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How Should Long-Term Investors Form Portfolios? 

By | August 30, 2022

How should long-term investors form portfolios? How should they evaluate securities, portfolios, and managers? How should they adapt to time-varying expected returns, volatilities, correlations; and many factors, signals, and strategies?   Traditional asset management techniques provide very little guidance to these questions. Academic studies are often rooted in 50 or 70-year-old portfolio theories, as are… Read More »

What Is the Impact of Mutual Funds’ ESG Preferences on Portfolio Firms?

By | May 27, 2021

Institutional ownership has increased tremendously over the past few decades. This shift in ownership has led to major concerns as to whether institutional investors have the incentives or the tools to be active shareholders. Assessing how effective institutional investors are in their stewardship activities has therefore become critical. However, such an assessment has proven difficult,… Read More »