About Us

The FinReg Blog is sponsored by Duke Law’s Global Financial Markets Center. The blog is a forum for Center faculty and affiliated practitioners to express their views on all things finance and regulation. We hope you enjoy the blog and we encourage substantive conversation through your comments. Email the Center if you are interested in becoming a contributing author to The FinReg Blog.

About the Global Financial Markets Center

The Center seeks to advance the interdisciplinary study, understanding, and development of financial institutions and markets, and their optimal regulation, both domestically and abroad. The Center engages in research, education, and publication that broadens inquiry, dialogue, and debate beyond traditional academic boundaries, bridging the gap between theory and practice. The focus of this research, education, and publication may include any issues of law, business, technology, and regulation that impact financial markets and financial institutions. To achieve our goals, the Center hosts guest speakers from academia and industry, sponsors relevant research, prepares students for careers in business and law, and conducts collaborative programs with scholars, industry leaders, regulatory authorities, and other policymakers. In addition, the Center strives to contribute to the public debate around law and finance through The FinReg Blog.