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Get Involved in TCRN Research

Data dissemination offers many advantages as an area of research emphasis.   Since the number of researchers and practitioners in the area is relatively small (even though the number of practitioners is large), one has opportunities to make significant and noticeable impacts.  Major funding bodies generously support research on official statistics, especially the multiple dimensions of data dissemination.

The TCRN fully integrates postdoctoral fellows and graduate (both PhD and Masters) students in its research.  Postdoctoral fellows and graduate students work with an interdisciplinary team of researchers at Duke University and the National Institute of Statistical Sciences. The research involves the development and implementation of cutting-edge statistical methodologies for real-world, high-impact applications.  It is expected that postdoctoral fellows and graduate students will participate in projects resulting in high profile publications and conference presentations.  The TCRN also includes undergraduate students in its research and training activities.  Often these mentored experiences lead to published papers.

TCRN no longer active

The NSF award that supported the TCRN ended on September 30, 2018.  This site is maintained for archival purposes.