Sleep has always been an essential component for humans to function. However, 62% of adults worldwide struggle to gain high quality sleep. At Night Night, our vision is to provide consistent, exceptional sleep to everyone based on their preferences, giving them the rest that they truly deserve.

Night Night Sleep Quality Solution

Perfect sleep isn’t just achieved via an expensive mattress or lavish blanket. A vital component is the perfect temperature. Our solution consists of an air conditioner that provides the user with optimal cooling and heating based on their specific preferences and body statistics.

Alternative Design Ideas and Further Implementations

1. Mattress/Blanket AC machine

An air conditioner adjoined with mattress or blanket that allows for a smooth transaction of optimal air. throughout the bed


2. Sleep tracking bracelet or app

A sleep tracking bracelet or an app (that can be downloaded on Apple Watch or FitBit) that gather data collected from the user to allow for better analysis. Along with this, these applications will provide users with further options, providing a more personalized and improved experience. 

Final Design and Results


The top right is the Air Conditioner system. The Thermoelectric system is on the top of the container, and in it holds the heating pad and the temperature sensor. The blue pipe on the top exhales the air onto the mattress. 


To the left is the the battery that supplies the 12V to power the air conditioning system.


The bottom contains the circuitry for the entire system. It also contains sensors such as body temperature, motion, humidity, and blood oxygen levels.

Project Video

This is the 3-minute video that we created for our project Night Night.


The implementation of Night Night will bring a major change to everyone’s sleep. By giving everyone the energy in the morning, they can be their very best throughout the day. They will step into society with the enthusiasm and vitality to create a perfect world full of innovation.


Our Engineers

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Leo Bai
David Goins
Monica Lu
Leo Ouyang