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Shinohara Lab 2019


  • Will (Barclay) defended his dissertation for his PhD. Congrats, Dr. Barclay! (October, 2021)
  • New review article “Emerging roles of Dectin-1 in non-infectious settings and in the CNS” by Elizabeth is available now in Trends in Immunology. https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1dhSs5Eb0RmKzp
  • A review article “Targeting Inflammasomes to Treat Neurological Diseases” with Dr. Comabella’s group in Barcelona has been published (July 2021):https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ana.26158
  • We welcomed a new postdoc, Dr. Ban-yu Saitoh in the lab (June 2021)
  • Our lab undergrad/post-bac trainee, Emre, is starting his MD-PhD training at Weill Cornell/Rockefeller/Sloan Kettering Tri-Institutional MSTP Program 🏥
  • Our lab undergrad, Nathan, is coming back to Duke as an MD student. (Welcome back!)
  • Elizabeth defended her PhD dissertation on 3/30/2021. Congratulations, Dr. Deerhake! 

👇   Here is a 12-min presentation what’s in the study by Elizabeth.

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