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Privacy Information

What information is collected:

SenseToKnow collects your IP address, the dates and time you accessed the application, and your navigation history while using the application.  Any information collected by the app is used solely for research purposes and to improve and enhance both the user experience and the application itself.  Data collected through the application for research purposes includes:  information gathered while the app is being run, and sensor information, such as video recordings of you and your child, audio data and touch data.  This data will be connected to your user ID and other information gathered as part of the Duke research study that the user has consented to.

How is this information used:

SenseToKnow is an app being evaluated for future potential use as a child development screening and/or behavior monitoring tool.  Once you have uploaded the video/data to the study database after running the app, it is removed from the app and from your device. This transmission of data is done through an encrypted communication via SSL/TLS.

Who has access to your information:

System administrators and developers (who are part of the study team) are the only individuals who have access to the raw data logs while management has access to analytics in the aggregate.  Only the study team and researchers who are involved in the analysis of the data can view your videos, unless you provide permission separately for these to be used elsewhere.  If the SenseToKnow data is collected with other study information, and linked to your research records, it may be reviewed by the auditors for the FDA, NIH, or Duke IRB, or other individuals/entities responsible for ensuring the research study is compliant with federal regulations and good clinical practices, as required by the DUHS IRB.

How is your information secured:

Information transmitted between SenseToKnow and the study/research team is sent securely through an encrypted SSL/TLS channel.  Information collected for research purposes and for app improvements and enhancements is stored on secure servers at Duke University and the study research databases.  All data gathered from the app is stored for research purposes in secured locations overseen by the Duke School of Medicine.  For any questions about how your data is secured, please contact