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Duke STAR Study

What is the Duke STAR Study?

Doctors at Duke are desigining a mobile app, called SenseToKnow, to assess children’s development. the STAR Study aims to validate the SenseToKnow app in children ages 16-36 months.

The SenseToKnow app plays a short series of fun movies and records how the child responds. By gathering similar data from hundreds of families, we hope to learn more about how children develop.

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What is involved in the study?

Participants are asked to download and use the SenseToKnow app and complete a few short surveys about their child’s development. Children also complete a developmental evaluation with a psychologist on our study team. Participants receive compensation and a written report about their child’s development, including their language, social, and cognitive abilities. Activities can be done at home or at our research center.

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Who can participate?

We invite Duke Primary Care patients ages 16-36 months to participate. 

English and Spanish-speaking families may enroll. 

Note: Before you enroll your child in the study, our study team will ask you to complete a short call to confirm that the study is a good fit for your child and family.

How can I learn more or get started?

Contact our study team with any questions or to express interest at or by phone at 919-660-9386.