Pieces of Home

Pieces of Home is inspired by my patient’s experience navigating the complexities of motherhood, housing, and familial relationships. After a challenging pregnancy complicated by chronic illness, my patient had difficulty finding stable long-term housing and navigating her changing relationships with family members. This piece is meant to signify her dynamic connections to the different places she has called home and the way she has juggled her roles as a mother, sister, and daughter throughout her pregnancy. Getting to know my patient, I was constantly struck by her resilience, positivity, and the consideration she showed her daughter and newborn son in every decision she made about housing and moving. It’s been an honor getting to know her this year!

About the Artist: Kreager Taber

Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, I became interested in watercolor painting in high school. I learned to lean on art as a means to process my emotions about illness, death, and stress in college, and I’ve enjoyed participating in the anatomy drawing program and SCOPES at Duke to continue deepening my interest in art. I enjoy watercolor and acrylic painting, embroidery, and quilting and I’m currently inspired by the incredible works of Bisa Butler, Jane Kim of Ink Dwell studio, and Bob Rudd. I’ve worked with a patient through the Duke Hotspotting Initiative and appreciated the opportunity to convey my patient’s journey this year through this project.