SCOPES is a student-led initiative committed to integrating the arts and humanities into medical education at Duke University School of Medicine. First-year medical students are given the opportunity to supplement their curriculum and consider the experiences of patients through creative forms and media. The APPLE (Appreciating Patient Perspectives through Longitudinal Encounters) program at Duke partners students with patients who live with chronic illness. Over the course of one year, students meet with their partners multiple times to develop a perspective of the patient experience. After fostering a relationship, SCOPES provides students the opportunity to work with their community partners to develop an art piece that captures their reflection on the patient experience.

In 2022, we are pleased to announce that our students have been able to connect with their patients in person, after readjustment during the COVID 19 pandemic. This year, the pieces will be exhibited in the Mars Gallery cases as well as on this website. We are so excited to continue the SCOPES legacy and to see what this year’s students have created!

We hope you enjoy,

Isa DeLaura, Raluca Gosman, Mason Seely, David Stevens, and Lindsay Olson
2022 SCOPES Leadership

Supported by the Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities & History of Medicine