Fences, Rivers, Walls

When I first met C, I was struck by her willingness to let me into her life and share her feelings and the challenges she had faced. However, she soon made it clear how happy she was to have someone who just wanted to listen. Moving to Durham, away from her family, and having trouble with her mobility had left C often confined to her home and without anyone to spend time with or confide in. While we often discussed the obstacles this presented regarding getting to appointments or getting groceries or her health in general, our conversation always circled back to what it means to feel alone and disconnected from the world around you. In the end, it was working to ease this loneliness by spending time simply chatting that seemed to help the most.

This work explores these themes of loneliness, isolation, and the often unseen obstacles that create them, through B&W 35mm film photography and acrylic paint.

About the Artist: Taylor Yoder

I started doing B&W film photography in college through photography courses and quickly fell in love with it. I have always loved the surprises and unique perspective associated with film. I never know what my work will truly look like until sometimes weeks or months after the moment I tried to capture has passed. This changes the way I see and interpret each piece contextually, and I love how differently it makes me see the subject and what was captivating about the scene. Film often takes on a life of its own that I could never have planned, and is better for it.

I was always interested in creating mixed media pieces with my photos but never was able to within the confines of class assignments. SCOPES has provided an opportunity to reflect on my experiences as a first-year medical student while also exploring new ways to combine various art forms to create my vision. I hope to continue shooting film throughout my medical education and career.