Corporate Strategy

Daytime and Executive MBA Core Course
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Why are some firms more successful than others? This is the fundamental question of strategy. This course analyzes the sources of competitive success among firms and develops knowledge and skills necessary to understand, evaluate, and craft strategies in your role as a manager, a management consultant, or a financial analyst. The course tackles the complexity of analyzing competition and assessing strategies in this era of globalization, changing firm boundaries, and increasing uncertainty.

Professor Chatterji received the following teaching ratings for this course: 6.69/7 (2012b); 6.64/7 (2012a); 6.6/7 (Winter 2011); 6.5/7 (Summer 2011); 6.4/7 (2010); 6.4/7 (2009); 6.5/7 (2008); 6.5/7 (2007); 6.3/7 (2006).  He was honored with an excellence in teaching award for the course in the 2007 Fuqua Cross Continent MBA program.


Medical Device Commercialization

Daytime and Executive MBA Elective Course
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

The invention and commercialization of new technologies are crucial to competitive advantage in the medical device industry. This multifaceted challenge can only be addressed by a solid understanding of corporate strategy, the regulatory environment, finance, product development, customer needs, and other related issues.  This course consists of case study analyses of medical device companies and presentations by successful medical device executives that allow students to gain insights into what drives superior performance in the industry.

Professor Chatterji received a teaching rating of 6.79/7 in 2012 and 6.75/7 in 2010.