Kate Bundorf and David Ridley organized the Fall 2022 seminar with support from Sonya Wilhelmson. Parking is available for $2 per hour in the Science Drive Garage. Seminars are at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. Here is a map showing the seminar rooms. The health economics talks are part of the Triangle Health Economics Workshop.

Fall 2022 Health Economics Research Paper Talks
When Who What Where
9/9/2022 3:00-4:30 Tim Layton (Harvard) Adverse Selection Pricing and Unraveling of Competition in Insurance Markets HCA Auditorium
9/16/2022 3:00-4:30 Anne Fitzpatrick (UMass-Boston) Health Insurance and High Cost Borrowing: The Effect of Medicaid on Pawn Loans, Payday Loans, and Other Non-bank Financial Products McKinley Seminar Room
9/30/2022 3:00-4:30 Zack Cooper (Yale) How Does Rising Health Spending Impact People, Places, and Firms? HCA Auditorium
10/14/2022 3:00-4:30 Sebastian Tello-Trillo (Virginia) Public Programs for Children Impact Parents: Evidence from Medicaid Expansions HCA Auditorium
10/28/2022 3:00-4:30 Alex Hollingsworth (Indiana) The Gift of a Lifetime: Mortality Effects of Hospital Funding and its Complementarities HCA Auditorium
11/4/2022 2:30-3:45 Sarah Miller (Michigan) The Long-Term Effects of Income for At-Risk Infants: Evidence from Supplemental Security Income HCA Auditorium
11/11/2022 3:00-4:30 Kelly Yang (Duke doctoral candidate) Experience Effects and Technology Adoption: Evidence from Aortic Valve Replacement HCA Auditorium
11/18/2022 3:00-4:30 Emily Lawler (Georgia) The Effect of Hospital Postpartum Care Regulations on Breastfeeding and Maternal Time Allocation McKinley Seminar Room
12/2/2022 3:00-4:30 Yucheng Hou (UNC doctoral candidate) Peer Participation in the Medicare Shared Savings Program McKinley Seminar Room
Fall 2022 Freeman Public Health Talks for Students, Staff, and Faculty
When Who What Where
9/30/2022 12:00-1:00 Zack Cooper (Yale) Why Is Rising Health Spending a Problem and How Do We Stop It? HCA Auditorium
11/4/2022 12:00-1:00 Sarah Miller (Michigan) Maternal and Infant Health Inequality HCA Auditorium