I welcome students from across Duke, because I value diversity of experience in the classroom. However, I accommodate students only if

  • the student can enrich class discussion, and
  • the student is a graduate student, and
  • I have not already admitted two other graduate students from the same program (for example, up to two students from the Masters in Engineering Management Program), and
  • the course is a daytime MBA course rather than an executive MBA course. Executive MBA courses have the letter “E” after the number, such as HLTH MGMT 718E.

Before class begins

  • Get permission. E-mail me requesting permission and describe how you can enrich our class discussion. If I send a message granting permission then you can use that as your official permission.
  • Review the syllabus and optional background readings.
  • Download the Fuqua Check-In app from the Apple app store or Google Play. The app collects data for registered students.
  • Until you are registered, tell the teaching assistant when you attend class.
  • Download the class 1 assignment and reading (“preassignment”) on the class web page or pick it up at Fuqua’s Building Management Office.
  • Submit the class 1 assignment before class 1. You can access the web site (even if you are on the wait list) at http://fuqua.instructure.com/. Note that Fuqua uses a different site than other parts of Duke.

After class begins

  • Close your laptop during class.
  • Pick up the course pack on or after the first day of class.
  • If the Martin Luther King holiday falls during the term, then we typically delay Monday classes until Tuesday and Tuesday classes until Wednesday.
  • Officially enroll. Fuqua school policy is to give priority to Fuqua students, so non-Fuqua students will be on the wait list until late in the first week, space permitting. For more information about registering at Fuqua see: the Fuqua registrar web page.