Collaborative Streams

Fall 2018

Black Mobilities and the Archive | Professor Jarvis C. McInnis 

We will work with primary source documents in the Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association collection to explore migration and black transnationalism in the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa. Commonly known as the “back-to-Africa movement,” Garveyism was the largest mass movement of black people in the world.

Linguistic Landscapes | Professor Dominika Baran

Through photographs and stories that situate them, we document and map multilingual texts visible in public spaces in Durham and the Triangle—on signs, signboards, shop windows, posters, and other places.

Memorializing Migration | Professor Charlotte Sussman

How do you make a lasting memorial to people defined by their mobility? How do you publicly honor the experience of communities often characterized by their invisibility? We will contribute to the ongoing database on Memorials to Migration ( ). We may also read together some of the recent historical and theoretical writing about the function and influence of memorials.