University of Florida

Repository description: The University of Florida’s Samuel Proctor Oral History Program has more than 5,000 oral history interviews and was founded in 1967. It has aimed to preserve eyewitness accounts of economic, social, political, religious and intellectual life in the South. Major projects focused on Native American, African American, military, and Florida county-specific history.

Regulatory significance: The SPOHP has several collections related to regulation in the state of Florida, particularly as it has involved the environment and growth management.

Relevant projects:
Florida Water Management
Everglades Oral History Collection
Florida Growth Management Oral History Collection

Digital access: The SPOHP is in the midst of a digitization project, but currently, only a small percentage of the repository’s transcripts are available online.

Physical access: Archived materials are available at Pugh Hall at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.


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