Florida Growth Management Oral History Collection

Project description: This project documents issues involved in growth management in Florida, particularly as they relate to planned community design and the environment. Interviewees include a banker, a professor of architecture, lobbyists, and a land developer.

Regulatory significance: These interviews cover a range of regulatory topics related to growth management and the environment, particularly water quality and beach erosion.

RepositoryUniversity of Florida

Interview dates: ~2000

Digital access: Transcripts are available online for four of these interviews. One interview is only available as an audio file.

Physical access: For access to all transcripts and audio, visit Pugh Hall at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

Link: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/ohfgm

Minneapolis Riverfront Redevelopment Oral History Project

Project description: A series of interviews conducted by journalist Linda Mack with individuals who were influential in the redevelopment of the Mississippi River riverfront in central Minneapolis. The narrators discuss the social, industrial, architectural and political history of the Minneapolis riverfront, the many and often conflicting plans for its redevelopment, and the actions taken to create the successful urban district that exists in 2008-2009. The project includes 26 interviews with 29 people. [Description from the finding aid]

Regulatory significance: Some of the interviews hit at least tangentially on land use and environmental regulation, particularly historic preservation and redevelopment of industrial space.

RepositoryMinnesota Historical Society

Interview dates: 2008-2009

Digital access: Transcripts and some audio are available online.

Physical access: Visit the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, Minnesota.