Find oral history collections based on the type of industry or activity regulated.

Agriculture – Regulation of agricultural commodities such as cotton, tobacco, and sugar. These oral histories often address the lobbying role of trade associations, the regulation of commodity prices, and the regulation of fertilizers and farming practices for public health.

Chemicals – Oral histories that address regulation of chemicals, primarily in agricultural or industrial settings.

Environmental – This includes a wide range of regulatory issues that involve the environment, including water and air.

Financial – These oral histories address regulation of banking, the money supply, and other aspects of the financial system.

Forestry – These oral histories address forest management and conservation topics. A few discuss labor regulation in forestry industries.

Health care – Oral histories that deal with the regulation of health care provision and facilities.

Labor – This category primarily covers occupational safety and other regulations of worker conditions.

Nuclear – These oral histories address the regulation of nuclear industries and materials.

Resource extraction – This includes a wide range of oral histories related to resource extraction, particularly mining and timber industries.

Water – These oral histories cover regulation of water quality and the management of water resources.