Forest History Project

Project description: These five interviews on forestry and logging contain material on conservation, woods safety, fire-fighting and the development of protective associations, old Minnesota logging camps, logging methods and machinery, and the development of the Paul Bunyan legends.

Regulatory significance: Difficult to determine, as the abstracts for these interviews are not revealing. It appears that some of them may address issues of forest management and labor regulation.

RepositoryColumbia Center for Oral History

Interview dates: Circa 1957

Digital access: Only abstracts. No online transcripts or audio.

Physical access: For transcripts and audio, researchers may visit the Columbia Center for Oral History.


Interviewees: Charles S. Cowan; George W. Dulany; Inman F. Eldredge; Royal S. Kellogg; Donald MacKenzie; Maggie Orr O’Neill; P. J. Rutledge; James Stevens.

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