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Programming Committee



The mission of the Toolbox Committee is to research, create, share, promote and educate the PMCoP on tools that can assist in project planning, management, execution and evaluation that will help the project management community grow in their skill set, improve the quality of project management and ultimately deliver better projects and value.

Toolbox Committee

The Toolbox Committee will focus on increasing the quality and effectiveness of project management in the healthcare industry through the gathering and sharing of project planning tools, which can include: templates, applications, reports, samples from case studies, tools training, models and other mechanisms. These are in support of all PMI process areas and knowledge groups. 

The committee is focused on:

  1. Exploring and reviewing/vetting available tools, considering cost, ease of use, application, and security.
  2. Sharing vetted tools in the PMCoP forum.
  3. Working with the Programming Committee to facilitate sharing of templates, sample tools, sample reports, etc. for healthcare projects from those in the project and program management fields.
  4. Gathering feedback from the Community on shared tools to enable recommendations for use.

2022 Goals for the Toolbox Committee:

  • Increase Toolbox volunteers and interns
  • Get more ideas from them!
  • Continued goals from 2021:
    • Maintaining and updating the tools available
    • Posting more articles
    • Keeping the Toolbox content more vibrant
  • Working together with the Membership Committee

Please direct any questions related to the Toolbox Committee to Jenifer Allen

Membership Outreach Committee

The Duke PMCoP Membership Outreach Committee focuses on recruiting, onboarding, and retaining members of the Duke PMCoP.

Members of this committee will focus on personally connecting with new or potential PMCoP members to discover areas of interest for each new member. With these areas of interest identified, the Membership Outreach Committee will then connect the new member with existing members for participation in committees, special projects, or other growth opportunities.

2022 Goals for the Membership Committee:

  • Automate opportunity for programming
  • Clean up membership list 
  • Make membership data more accessible via Tableau

Please direct any questions related to the Membership Outreach Committee to Johanna O’Dell.

The mission of the Communications Committee is to disseminate information to the Duke PMCoP regarding events and opportunities to increase knowledge and skills in project management tools, connect with professional development opportunities and network with other project managers.

Communications Committee

Our focus is providing and approving newsletter, email and collateral content for dissemination to the Duke PMCoP community. We also work to communicate relative content via social media platforms. Other responsibilities include managing the Duke PMCoP and Mail Chimp listserves and maintaining the Duke PMCoP website. 

The committee is focused on:

  1. Sharing information regarding PMCoP events, project management articles of interest, project management tools and resources and project management opportunities via the Duke PMCoP newsletter, website and social media platforms.
  2. Working with the Programming Committee to inform the Duke PMCoP of upcoming events.
  3. Working with the Membership Committee to disseminate information to members and to onboard new members to the Duke PMCoP community.

2022 Goals for the Communications Committee:

  • Set up a Duke PMCoP blog on this website
  • Increase engagement through LinkedIn

Please direct any questions related to the monthly PMCoP newsletter to Eman Ghanem

Programming Committee

The mission of the Programming Committee is to create and facilitate engaging, educational, informative, relevant and instructive programs and events in partnership with the NCPMI Higher Education CoP that help the project management community connect with each other, grow in their skill set, improve the quality of project management and ultimately deliver better projects and value.

The programs will focus on increasing the quality and effectiveness of project and program management in the academic, higher education, clinical/research and healthcare industry through the sharing of knowledge, tools, skills, and activities of applied project and program management standards.

The committee is focused on:

  1. Expanding connections to other NC and CTSA based project managers and program managers who specialize in academic, healthcare, clinical and/or research settings, and other related fields.
  2. Access to presentations, presenters and topics focused on academic, clinical, research and healthcare issues of today’s business world and their impact on project and program managers in the academic and healthcare field.
  3. Collaborating with the ToolBox committee for resource sharing of project or program management related templates, sample tools, sample reports or other collateral for project managers use.
  4. Providing networking opportunities for NC healthcare and higher education project managers.
  5. Engaging the PM community and NCPMI to determine topics of interest to help increase attendance and awareness of the CoP’s.

2022 Goals for the Programming Committee:

  • Planning events through January 2023
  • Plan an in-person event

Please direct any questions related to the Programming Committee to Bala Balakumaran.

The Project Management Institute, North Carolina Chapter (NCPMI) Liaison serves as a bridge between the NCPMI Higher Education Community of Practice and the Duke PMCoP. The liaison works to offer joint NCPMI and Duke PMCoP events and to bring awareness of NCPMI events and other opportunities to Duke PMCoP members.

NCPMI Liaison

2022 Goals for the NCPMI Liaison:

  • Streamline the process of offering joint NCPMI and Duke PMCoP events
  • Raise awareness of NCPMI events and professional development opportunities among Duke PMCoP members

Please direct any questions related to the NCPMI Liaison to Kris Herring.

Mentorship Committee

The mission of the Mentorship Committee is to create and promote opportunities that provide professional growth for both prospective and current project managers within the PMCoP.

The committee will facilitate mentorship through hosting the DEVELPMNT workshop and internship program, supporting PMCoP interns, and creating mentorship opportunities for project managers. The committee will engage with other PMCoP committees to optimize our efforts and align goals. The committee wants to create mentoring opportunities that expand familiarity and experience in all the PMI process areas and knowledge groups.

The committee is focused on:

  1. Establish a mentorship network for current and prospective project managers.
  2. Support and mentor the DEVELPMNT Training Program Managers (trainees) to plan, execute, and improve the program. The program runs in the spring, but planning is year-round.
  3. Facilitating mentor/mentee pairs through the DEVELPMNT internship program and within the Steering Committee as needed.
  4. Serve as an additional source of support for mentor/mentee pairs to ensure a positive, successful, and productive experience for both mentees and mentors.
  5. Develop and foster a professional mentor program for current project managers.
  6. Gathering feedback from the community on mentorship resources to enable recommendations to share and improve the program

2022 Goals for the Mentorship Committee:

  • DEVELPMNT Program:
    • Run second cycle of training program working with new Training Program Managers
    • Improve upon internship program
      • More mentors
      • Better system to match mentors/mentee
      • Improve communication and create better system to track internships and receive midway feedback
      • Better succession plan
    • Develop 5-year plan for the program
  • Professional Mentorship Program:
    • Survey professionals outside of Duke and PM to gain insight into different successful professional mentoring programs
    • Develop plan for launching professional mentoring program in 2023

Please direct any questions related to the Mentoring Committee to Delisa Clay

The Duke Sponsorship Committee was established to identify sponsorship support for the Duke PMCoP, and to develop strategies to generate revenue and secure other resources for this community. In collaboration with the PMCoP Steering Committee, community members, and other partners, the Sponsorship Committee will also work to raise awareness of the PMCoP within Duke and the Durham VA, and across the broader field of project management.

Sponsorship/VA Committee

2022 Goals for the Sponsorship/VA Committee:

  • Increase VA membership in PMCoP to 10%

Please direct any questions related to the Sponsorship/VA Committee to Marcus Johnson.

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