Developing Project Management Trainees (DEVELPMNT) Program

About Us

The purpose of DEVELPMNT is to introduce trainees to project management (PM) as a career and skill set. All participants are welcome, but the target audience will focus on undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.

Our program is partnered with known project management groups, university programs, and companies in an effort to build upon already well-established programs, network, and launch with a solid foundation.

We aim to provide participants with project management training ahead of entrance into the workforce and familiarize them with foundational knowledge to prepare for internships and employment.

The application deadline for this cycle has passed.

The DEVELPMNT program will provide the following:

A formal, multi-session workshop to learn about project management topics and tools

Access to the Project Management Community of Practice (PMCoP)

A greater understanding about PM as a career, what makes a successful PM, how to prepare for jobs, etc.

The opportunity to earn an internship with participating institutions upon completion of the program

Tentative 2021 DEVELPMNT Program Schedule

February 2021

Session 1 (General Introduction to Project Management)

March 2021

Session 2 (Getting a Project off the Ground)

April 2021

Session 3 (Monitoring and Controlling a Project)

Early May 2021

Session 4 (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Realm of Project Management)

Late May 2021

Session 5 (Project Management Career Panel)

The five-session workshop series is designed as follows:

  • Sessions 1-3: Participants will be assigned online reading modules to complete ahead of each meeting. Formal sessions will be led by a certified project manager and will serve as an opportunity to review course material as a group, ask questions, and discuss project management in theory vs. in-action. Small groups will then examine case studies and work as a team to problem solve and apply the project management skills learned in each session.

  • Session 4: Trainees, workshop leaders, and potential mentors will engage in training and discussion about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion specifically in the realm of project management. Case studies and audio/visual materials will be provided for review ahead of discussion.

  • Session 5: Project Management professionals across different fields will be discussing their career paths, trajectories, and work experiences. They will be available to answer questions and offer advice about job preparation, pros/cons, etc.

  • NOTE: In the current pandemic environment, all sessions will be held over Zoom.

Meet the Team

2021 DEVELPMNT Training Program Managers

Delisa Clay

Becca Moreci

Sara Payne


Individuals may apply for the 2021 cohort on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021.

The application period will close on Friday, January 29th, at 5pm (EST).

The first three sessions of the program will be based off the modules from the free online course offered by PMI: “Project Management for Beginners.”

To access this course please visit: Project Management for Beginners

If you are currently a project manager and would like to volunteer to mentor an intern, please email

Please direct any questions related to our program to