Monitoring Kinetics by NMR

NMR can be used to study the kinetic behavior of molecules or particles in solution. The molecules or particles can be studied as they move through the solution, or they can be studied as they interact with other molecules or particles in the solution.

The most common type is a reaction experiment. For example, you wish to study the reaction between two or more molecules or particles in solution. One can observe the creation of products or the reduction of substrates.

Bruker/Topspin can easily be setup to collect multiple experiments (for example multiple 1D 1H experiments) to monitor a reaction:


1. Create a new experiment folder, insert sample and do the preacquisition processes as usual (e.g. lock, tune, shim, adjust receiver gain)

2. Increase the number of experiment by typing: iexpno . You do this n times for the number of experiments you wish to run (for example 9 times).

3. Go back to the first experiment of the list and execute the multizg command. A popup window will ask “How many experiment do you want to perform” so enter the number of experiments that you created


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