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The following online resources includes links that have been curated by our student members of Neurodiversity Connections.  We welcome suggestions for additional resources you may find helpful.

“Ask an Autistic” videos by Amy Schaber. Her videos cover everything from self-advocacy, stimming, dealing with autistic burnout, and other coping strategies as well as detailed introductions to autism, sensory processing, and executive function.

Autism Goes to College Podcast Listen in to find out how neurodiverse students are managing at college, sometimes charting their own paths, taking creative approaches, and making it work!

Autistic-Self Advocacy Network (ASAN): a non-profit by and for autistic people.

Autistic Women & Non-Binary Network (AWN): a space for community, support, and resources for Autistic women, girls, nonbinary people, and all others of marginalized genders.

Different Brains: a non-profit dedicated to Neurodiversity that includes blog posts, videos, and a number of valuable links and resources.

Introduction to Autism (Autism FAQ Page) by Lydia X. Z. Brown

The Costs of Camoflauging Autism article, Spectrum News

The Hidden CurriculumCollege Success an OpenStax resource from Rice University.

Understanding the Autistic Mind: Notebooks for Navigating Different Minds. 



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