Daily Archives: November 24, 2013

The coming plague

Triangle friends, I hope today’s headline scares you into reading this post.  If you haven’t wrapped your oak trees yet, you’re running out of time.  In December the female moths, after mating, will crawl up the tops of these trees and birth hundreds of green caterpillars unless they are stopped in their tracks.  If you’re not scared yet, read my lamentful post from the spring.

This year I  wrapped each  tree with a band of cheap insulation covered by a second layer of tar paper.  Yesterday I coated each tree-band with a ring of sticky Tanglefoot Glue, the adhesive that catches the moths.

I thought every store in the Triangle was sold out of this stuff, but it turns out Stone Brothers had family-sized tubs of it.  Just like butter in a skillet, the glue went on better once it was heated up a little bit.  I slopped it on with a stiff brush, learning after-the-fact that a putty knife would have been better.

The tree of greatest concern was “Old Cyclops,” the massive oak tree in our front yard that blots out the entire block from a Google-earth perspective.


He’s so named because of his one eye and small, gaping mouth.  He’s so enormous that I used half a tub of glue on him.

Let’s hope this helps curb the worm infestation.