It’s  April and the back of the yard is full of flowers. Yellow daffodils, purple comfrey and the beautiful white bell-shaped flowers on Solomon’s Seal make for a nice mix of spring colors.








The pitcher plants are thriving and making little ones.













The yard is teeming with life.  L. and I have been doing a lot of digging in the backyard and occasionally we will leave a worm or two on top of the bluebird house.  The babies fledged over the weekend.

The frogs have multiplied and made themselves at home.


Where there are frogs, there are herons.   Last week I pulled open the curtains around 7 a.m. and there was the biggest heron I’d ever seen, beak in the water looking for his frog fix.


I lifted L. up on the kitchen counter to take a better look. We watched as the heron raised is head up out of the water, front feathers blowing gently  in the breeze. He looked right at us,  stood up and  flapped  his enormous wings.  Next
thing we knew, he slowly lifted himself up from the pond and flew right towards
our window.  He got so close to the window we could see the inside of his mouth, which was open.  Then suddenly he swooped up and over the house and out of sight.

Our turtle, Mr. Fast, has risen up from the muck of the pond to make daily appearances.  He has grown over the winter.

We have our own little wildlife habitat now!

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